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Things you only know if you hit puberty early

When it comes to puberty, there’s no ‘right time’ peeps. That being said, if you’re the first of your girls to hit this hairy, moody, booby milestone, there’s a couple of things you will know all too well…

Oh hey boobs

Suddenly you’ve got ‘em and no one else does. In years to come you’ll cherish them, but for now they can feel a bit embarrassing, not to mention awkward when you’re trying to squeeze into your old tank tops. Or better yet, borrow a top off ANYONE. You’ve also now got to enter the confusing world of bras by yourself. What the actual? From measurements to straps to whatever the f a ‘balconette’ bra is, picking your first boulder-holder can be a bit of a stressful task. Don’t fret, just drag your mum to M&S. Their ‘Angel’ range will become your best friend.

Hang on, why am I literally wet with sweat?

While you may grow to love your boobs, sweat nuh-uh. Unfortunately this perfectly natural bodily function just comes with the territory. If you’re the first to hit puberty you’ll know the panic of smelling BO all too well (y’know, when you’re trying to subtly smell your own armpits in the classroom to check it’s not you, but it is you because no one else has hit puberty yet. GAH). Chill girl, BO or not, you’re still fabulous. Mini deodorants will save your life.

Well that hair wasn’t there before…

Another weird and wonderful part of becoming a woman is body hair. Legs, armpits, your vagina, heck maybe even a fuzzy little tash, hair suddenly sprouts from everywhere. Feel free to totally embrace it (it can feel pretty empowering), but if you’re into hair destruction, find the best way to suit you and your skin. Whether it’s waxing, hair removal or plain old shaving, there are plenty of ways to take down unwanted hair. Just remember, you’re your harshest critic, chances are nobody else even noticed.

Wow, I am suddenly the tallest in my squad

So, it’s got to the point where you have to say goodbye to your trusty jeans. They’re now ankle swingers and not in a ‘cool’ way. For the next few months your mates will be asking you to reach for stuff on the top shelf in the supermarket, but take comfort in knowing that this new height comes with a load of benefits – an excuse to update your wardrobe is deffo one of them.

Hmm, am I meant to be putting on weight?

“Filling out” (as your granny calls it) is another sign that you’re sky-rocketing towards womanhood. Embrace it. You’ll be the first of your friends to nail Beyoncé’s latest moves, plus it’s actually a sign that you’re super-healthy and your body is growing and changing with time. So ignore the scales and own your curves, they’ll catch you up.

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Image: Amber Griffin

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