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10 amazing YouTubers who make puberty way easier

There are, quite literally, hundreds of thousands of brilliant YouTube videos uploaded to the internet every single day. That’s right, every day.

This means it can be really hard to find what you’re looking for. After all, it’s not always the YouTube stars who are famous and trending that produce the best videos. Sometimes the top life advice or most easy-to-follow tutorials come from up-and-coming YouTubers who don’t have millions of subscribers and an Instagram modelling contract under their belts.

But don’t worry, we’ve trawled through the videos of YouTube’s brightest stars, both big and small, old and new, to bring you some of the best advice out there – from facts you didn’t know about your vagina to mindfulness and makeup tutorials that (fingers crossed) won’t get you told off at school, to tips for dealing with stress and those dreaded exams.

If you’ve got a favourite YouTuber we’ve missed off the list, let us know in the comments below!

Laci Green: 10 secret vagina facts

US-based YouTuber Laci Green knows everything there is to know about sex education. She’s the complete opposite of your boring, stuffy teacher telling you about periods and how your body changes during puberty as everyone in class blushes uncontrollably.

Instead, she’s a no-nonsense expert and in this video she explains some of the secret vagina facts you’ve probably not been told at school. For example, did you know that the word ‘vagina’ is Latin for ‘sheath’ or ‘sword holder’? Thought not.

AwesomenessTV: 20 ways to survive puberty

Be warned: This isn’t genuine advice. Well, a little bit. But YouTube comedy duo Alexis G. Zall and Ayydubs created this video (and many others like it) to poke fun at some of the standard stuff we all go through when we hit puberty.

If you’re sick of all the heavy, boring lessons about what happens to your body during puberty and want to kick back with some lighthearted jokes about popping zits instead, then this video is for you. We like their equally ridiculous yet totally LOL-worthy videos 20 ways to befriend your lady bits and 20 ways to talk to your crush too.

Lucy Moon: Things I wish I’d known as a teenager

Lucy Moon is one of our favourite YouTube stars because she’s just so bloody honest, and a lot of her advice is pure gold.

In this video she shares some advice about what she wishes she’d known during her awkward teenage years. We particularly love her story about just how hard she tried to fit in – and how it never really worked because she stood out a lot anyway. She also imparts wisdom about friendships and how she wishes she had stood up for herself more, as well as the dangers of comparison and how she wishes she’d spent less time looking at what everyone else is up to.

Some of our other favourite YouTubers like Zoella and Ashley Nicole have also made similar videos with messages to their teenage selves. There’s something pretty special about getting to learn from such inspiring girls and not making the same mistakes they felt like they made.

Zoella: Winding down and mindful minutes

Obviously, Zoella is known for being one of the most famous YouTube stars on the planet and keeps fans hooked with regular vlogs about her life, as well as brilliant (and not to mention easy to follow) make-up tutorials. But we love her so much because she also talks about her feelings, anxiety and mental health from time to time.

We’d like to draw your attention to her mindful minutes video, which is jam-packed full of her favourite ways to give herself some ‘me’ time and chill out. From keeping your room tidy to getting fairy lights and taking a walk, it’s a great, realistic checklist for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. And if you like Zoella’s take on mental health, it’s also worth checking out her Anxiety Q&A.

Marissa Rachel: Period struggles only girls will understand

In this video, YouTuber Marissa Rachel shares some of those period woes that everyone can relate to, from worrying about leaks and spots to those ‘flood’ moments, tampon maths and, er, the endless pooing.

If you like Marissa and her happy, honest style then also check out Awkward moments that happen on your period, Swimming on your period… and basically her whole period playlist. She’s experienced when it comes to menses-related advice, as well as really, really funny.

Ask Kimberley: 5 Genius opening links to talk to your crush

Kimberly is a funny and friendly YouTuber who makes videos packed full of great advice. Some of her videos are aimed at adults, but she has loads specially aimed at teens – so have a good hunt through to find the ones that are right for you. We really like this one about how to start a conversation with your crush, which proves it doesn’t have to be sickeningly scary to talk to someone you fancy.

If you like Kimberly’s advice and the confidence she oozes, we also recommend checking out 20 teen flirting hacks you need to try.

Kaushal Beauty: Realistic back to school makeup tutorial

You don’t have to wear makeup to school – or ever if you don’t fancy it. But if you do like trying out new looks, concealing your spots and getting new products with your pocket money, then you may already know there are so, so many makeup videos on YouTube. We’re talking MILLIONS.

Some are beautiful, amazing and theatrical, but far too OTT for school with products that are far too expensive. This is why we like this simple makeup tutorial from Kaushal Beauty, which features realistic makeup that looks natural, as well as products you’ll find at your local Boots. Score.

Millie T: How to revise for exams – weird tips that actually work

There are lots of great revision videos on YouTube, but this one from Millie T is a firm favourite of ours because she’s just like us! Her advice feels real, achievable and she even ropes her mum (who’s a teacher) in for her tips too – even though she gets a bit nervous on camera. She recommends revising like you’re learning how to teach the subject, getting plenty of sleep and using a flashcards app, as well as plenty of other handy tips.

If you like Millie, she’s also got a great everyday makeup tutorial and 10 New Snapchat hacks you need to know.

Hannah Witton: 25 Things I’ve learnt in 25 years

One of our all-time favourite YouTube stars, Hannah Witton has made a list of things she’s learnt throughout her life. Some are silly and fun, like learning how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, but other lessons are really helpful – like getting to the dentist more, flirting and listening to what your body wants. You could probably take some nuggets of wisdom from Hannah’s video, but more than anything else she’s just so entertaining to watch – like our imaginary cool older sister.

We bet that if you haven’t seen any of Hannah’s videos before you’ll be hooked after this one, so check out our interview with Hannah about her brand new book, Doing It. She covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sex, like contraception, STDs, periods and all the other funny and messy bits. She also has some great videos about navigating life, crushes and stress too, we really like tips for stress and on dealing with life.

Shannon Beveridge: A letter to you

We’ve written about this video from YouTuber Shannon Beveridge before, but wanted to share it again because it really is powerful and beautiful. It’s a letter Shannon has written to her younger self about her sexuality. You’ve been warned, it’s a tear-jerker – but it’s also great to watch if you’ve been feeling a bit sad and lost recently. Whether it’s to do with your sexuality, or anything else in life.


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