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All the best music merch to shop now

Music merch is having a serious moment, the likes of which probably hasn’t been seen since the early 2000s, when everyone was obsessed with Rolling Stones T-shirts. Will the Stones’ tongue emblem lives on, band merch has gotten a lot more creative lately, with seriously cute graphics leading to sales from fans and fashion types alike.

Even if you couldn’t make the tours, here’s some of the best music merch to shop now, before it sells out like the tickets did.

Ariana Grande

Celebrate the release of Ariana Grande’s newest album with this cute Sweetener pin that won’t break the bank.

Sweetener enamel pin, $10

Troye Sivan

Wear Troye Sivan’s face on your feet. What could be better?

Bloom socks, $25

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes’ tour merch is so pretty that even non-stans will want a piece of it.

Festival tour T-shirt, $40

Harry Styles

Leave it to Harry Styles to print this powerful message on a T-shirt.

Treat People With Kindness T-shirt, £29.95


Even if you’re not a Scorpio, Drake’s astrology hoodie is hard to resist.

Astrology hoodie, $120

Dua Lipa

Fans of the 90s will love Dua Lipa’s stylized tee.

Hotter Than Hell T-shirt, £21.60

Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark’s Dandelion sweatshirt is cooler than cool, front and back.

Dandelion Crewneck, $45.00


Blast off to space with Kesha’s rainbow spaceship pin. It’s a little cheaper than going on her cruise.

Spaceship enamel pin, $7.95

Gwen Stefani

With her new Las Vegas residency came new merch for Gwen Stefani, including this sweet make-up bag in homage to her track, Orange County Girl.

Orange County Girl make-up bag, $14.99

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