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Glad you asked. bettybox is the UK's first monthly subscription box that puts you and your periods first.

And psst! Don’t panic, you won’t be tied into any scary or never-ending contracts.

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<3 this box!!
Girls I recommend this, it's so cute and it has really good products in it!!
Got your period? Don’t sweat it! bettyboxes are a girl’s best friend at their time of the month!
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Couldn't be happier with my first bettybox!!! Already can’t wait for next month's.
Such a super cute bettybox - a perfect way to get you through your time of the month. You make me feel special.
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Let's have a look then!

We've teamed up with fab brands to give you the most brill treats (if we do say so ourselves), plus period products to give you the TLC that you deserve.

Choose your own box!

Sounds fab, tell me more!

Okay, here's how it works.



Delivered to your door every month, is your very own totes amazing bettybox.

Postage is Free


Peek inside

Find all the period essentials you’ve chosen, from pads to tampons in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got you covered.

And don't worry, you can change your selection each month if you want.


Now, here's the best part

Every month, you also get sweet smelling beauty products for your own self pampering session...

...plus a mix of stationery and fun surprises...

...plus tasty goodies (yum!) to make your period that little sweeter!

Have you met our bettypads product logo ?

Bettybox boxes Bettybox boxes

With sanitary towels, one size does not fit all and because you’re all oh-so-fab, we’ve created pads that actually fit you and your growing bodies. Result!

Why bettypads product logo?

Pad image
Pad image
Pad image
Pad image

Available in four sizes so wave buh-bye to any uncomfortable situations

Star sketch Star sketch bettypads pad white drawing bettypads pad purple drawing bettypads pad green drawing

Made from organic goodness - a pure cotton core (super-absorbent) and a bamboo top layer (silky softness, we promise!)

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Added wings means your pad isn't going anywhere (and they prevent leaks too!)

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Our pads and packaging are biodegradable (look at you helping the environment!)

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Our membership options

Every plan includes:

  • Your choice of femcare brands
  • Beauty must-haves
  • Tasty nibbles
  • Free delivery
£12.99 per month

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6 months
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your periods with

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Each month costs just £5.99 & you can change anytime!

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