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Specially designed for superstar girls.

Our new pads have been specially designed to fit growing bodies, providing the ultimate fit and comfort so she can feel secure and confident throughout her period.

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Sounds amaze, how do I get my hands on bettypads?

  • Personalise your period with pick & mix

    When it comes to periods, we know that every girl is unique. So we've created pick & mix to let her call the shots.

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  • Want some extra treats? Try bettybox

    bettybox is a treasure trove of period essentials with a choice of femcare brands and a specially curated box full of goodies.

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Find your confidence, find your power, find your fit.

No one should feel uncomfortable during their period. bettypads are specially designed to fit growing bodies, meaning you will feel comfy and secure at all times – even during your PE lesson!

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So, what are bettypads made from?

  • Made with a super-absorbent organic cotton core
  • Layered with a soft bamboo top sheet
  • Secure wings mean your pad isn’t going anywhere
  • Plus they’re biodegradable so they’re fab for the environment too!
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  • What makes bettypads special?

    bettypads have been made to fit growing bodies for superior comfort and protection. They come in sizes 1-4 so you can easily find your perfect fit.

  • How do I find my fit?

    Girls should wear whichever bettypad feels most comfortable, but take a look at our chart below to help decide what size is right for you.

  • Comfort is queen, girls!