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Vajay-YAY: 10 reasons your vagina is actually kind of amazing

Ahh the wonderful world of vaginas. If you have one of your own then you’re probably pretty familiar with the way things work down there, at least on a basic level – but get ready to discover that your vajayjay is WAY more magical than you ever even realised.

They’re not just there for sex and babies y’know. Vaginas have talents and abilities that even most superheroes would be jealous of, so it’s about time that we finally give our girl parts the credit they deserve.

Here’s 10 reasons that your very own humble vagina is aaall kinds of amazing tbh.

1. They’re self-cleaning machines.

It’s not quite a ticket to cutting out showers for the rest of your life, but did you know that vaginas are particularly skilled when it comes to keeping themselves clean?

If you’ve ever noticed an odourless discharge in your undies (totally normal, by the way), that’s the clever stuff which is keeping everything clean and healthy up in there.

Because of this Britain’s Got Talent-worthy skillset, you should pretty much leave your vagina to do its own thing when it comes to cleaning. Generic body products could upset your pH balance and mess up your good and bad bacteria levels. So ditch the fragranced soaps and shower gels, and let your vagina SHINE all by itself.

2. They’re sensitive souls. 

If you’ve ever been accused by someone of being a little bit sensitive when it comes to life, it’s not necessarily a bad quality – especially if you happen to be a vagina. Vaginas are seriously sensitive souls.

Did you know that your clitoris alone contains over 8 THOUSAND nerve endings? Pretty impressive, especially seeing as that’s more than anywhere else in the entire human body – and a penis only has half of that. Ha.

3.They have colour changing powers. 

Okay, so your vagina probably isn’t gonna be magically transforming into a rainbow, holographic or unicorn-coloured creation any time soon (although fingers crossed), but across womankind they can come in all sorts of different colours depending on your race and skintone.

Some might even change colour a little bit over time as you get a bit older or have a baby, which is pretty cool. They’re basically your very own, personal chameleon.

4. They can grow and expand like WOAH. 

When a woman’s digging a romantic scenario (or ‘aroused’ if you want to be proper about it), her vagina will physically expand through something known as ‘vaginal tenting’. Not exactly the most romantic term in the world, but still.

If you want the technical knowledge behind this one, it’s all to do with muscle tension. So if you’re experiencing a high amount of muscle tension, it’ll draw your uterus upwards, creating more lengthways space in the vagina. How crazy is that?

5. They can send you secret messages. 

Alright, so it’s not necessarily penning you a hand written love letter or leaving a loveheart behind on a steamed window, but your vagina does still pass on some secret messages nonetheless.

It might sound crazy, but your vagina can actually communicate with you to tell you when your period is due, for example, when you’re fertile and even when there’s something wrong with your body, if you get to know your discharge well enough. Any changes in texture, colour or smell could mean that you need a trip to the doctors. CLEVER.

6. They come in all shapes and sizes. 

Even if you hunted through a whole drawer full of vaginas (what an image), you’d struggle to find one that looked exactly like yours. Every single one is unique, and the chances are that your own will look totally different compared to pretty much every gal you know.

As well as the overall appearance of the vulva (that’s the outer, visible part), the insides also vary massively from gal to gal. Vaginal canals can be long, short, wide narrow… but whatever they look like, they’re still pretty awesome, and you absolutely shouldn’t ever worry about it looking ‘weird’.

7. They can show you a real good time. 

Don’t worry, we’re not gonna get too X-rated here – but your vagina is basically a one stop shop for feeling amazing. As well as those 8,000 handy nerve endings that we mentioned earlier, the labia, the vaginal opening and everything else going on down there mean that it’s basically like having Thorpe Park in your undies.

Like Thorpe Park it might seem daunting at first, but once you’ve got to know your way around, you’ll be a thrill-seeking convert (and probably want to eat doughnuts after).

8. It’s really good at NOT losing things. 

Ever been slightly paranoid that you could lose a tampon up in there? Gah, we’ve all thought it, but luckily your vagina isn’t quite the vacuous black hole that you’re imagining – it’s actually REALLY good at specifically not losing stuff, thanks to the cervix acting as a block.

However, it is technically possible for a tampon to kinda… slip out of reach if you insert it too high up. If you find that ever does happen, all you have to do is squat and it should be easy to wiggle it back into the right place.

9. Its name literally means ‘sheath for a sword’. 

The word ‘vagina’ itself comes from a Latin root that literally means ‘sheath for a sword’.

Although NB, swords are optional. You’re a warrior all by yourself.

10. They can literally pop out a human being. 

And of course, last but not least, let’s not forget the fairly important fact that vaginas are solely responsible for BIRTHING THE HUMAN RACE ITSELF. That teeny tiny masterpiece down there, along with some help from the contraction and expansion of its fancy flexible tissues, means that a fairly massive baby can slide right on out if you give it a few hours.

And by some miracle, it then still returns to what was pretty much its pre-pregnancy size, like a total champ. Let’s have a round of applause for the humble vagina please, guys.


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Image: Amber Griffin

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