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“My breasts have a life of their own!”: 10 of our favourite celebs talk about boobs

Knockers, boulders, or bee stings – whatever you call them, your boobs are in it for the long haul.

Whether they get in the way of your homework when you lean over your desk, or they don’t quite fill out that cute bra you’ve had your eye on, chances are you think about your boobs once a day. Here are our fave celebs on their own boob issues and learning to love them just the way they are.

Ariana Grande

“I was 12 and all the other girls in my grade had huge boobs already — I was puny. I’m tiny still to this day — I’m a 32A.”

The Into You singer proves that small boobs don’t stop you achieving global success.


“I grew boobs before anything else and hated it. All bodies are beautiful. Wish I’d known that aged 14!”

Big or small, round or pointy, this blogger knows that all boobs are pretty cool.

Jennifer Lawrence

“People are always so surprised [about my boobs]. My breasts have a life of their own!”

Boobs sometimes act completely independent of our bodies – even J-Law’s.


“If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra. If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.”

When you’re Ri-Ri, bras are a fashion opportunity.

Jennette McCurdy

“I didn’t develop until I was 16, and then suddenly they came in strong! And that was hard for me to deal with at first. I wanted to pretend they weren’t there. I wanted to strap them down. I wanted to wear two sports bras so that you couldn’t tell that I have boobs.”

Having big boobs isn’t always an easy ride – just ask Jennette.

Amanda Seyfried

“They were a D, and now they’re a small C, because I lost weight. There was something so beautiful about the size of them. When I look back, I’m like, ‘Why did I always give myself such a hard time?’”

The Mean Girls star found out the hard way about the relationship between your boobs and your weight.

Miley Cyrus

“Humans aren’t afraid of the human breast. It’s the nipple that’s the issue. The nipple – what you can’t show – everyone has, it’s the jug part that everyone doesn’t [have]. I never understood the way that works.”

Miley doesn’t get what the big deal is…

Lady Gaga

“When I was in school my breasts were bigger, and firm and delicious. I would wear shirts that were low-cut and the teachers would tell me that I couldn’t wear them. I’d point to another girl who was wearing the same thing, and they would say, “Well, it looks different on her.”

Boobs shouldn’t have any impact on the way you dress, says the pop babe.

Amber Riley

“I don’t deprive myself. But I want to be healthy. I love my breasts, my face, my butt. I love myself.”

The Glee actress knows that to love boobs is to love yourself. Yaaas.


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