Can I sleep with a tampon in?

Let’s just go ahead and all agree that sleep is the best.

Tampons are pretty damn excellent too (after all, not too long ago, people were wearing actual sanitary belts to surf the crimson wave). But for all their excellence, they do have their limits.

Like what?

Here’s the golden rule:


This is because leaving a tampon in for too long puts you at higher risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It’s a super rare but potentially dangerous condition, so it’s always worth making sure you stay on the safe side and keep things a-changing.

If you know you’re going to be asleep for more than eight hours (because sleep is amazing), then it might be a good idea to use a night time pad. They can be used for longer, so there’s no need to interrupt your sweet, sweet dreams to do a switcheroo.

But if you’re one of those superhumans that only needs six or seven hours a night, go ahead and slip a tampon in before you go to sleep. Just remember to remove it first thing in the morning.

Now we’ve put that confusion to bed, you can sleep easy. Zzz.

TLDR? Here’s the important stuff:

You can definitely sleep with a tampon in, but never leave it in for longer than eight hours!

If you want to have a long, interrupted slumber it’s probably safer to use a night pad so that you don’t have to wake up and change it.


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