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Can you sort the period truths from period lies?

Oh periods. Those beautiful red/brown explosions in your pants. Those little cherubs that bring on spots and cravings for deep-fried foods. Periods are shrouded in all sorts of mystery (so much so that men often still physically recoil from tampons, like they’re tarantulas) – but can you sort the period facts from the period fiction?

Take our quiz to find out.

People with red hair were conceived when their mum had her period

Periods get longer and shorter to match the calendar months

An average woman will spend almost ten years of her life menstruating

Periods will sync up with other girls and women you spend a lot of time with

You can still get pregnant when you’re on your period

Period blood has been used for a variety of medical purposes, including to treat leprosy

Studies have shown that women seem more attractive when they’re ovulating

On average, most women will have 1000 periods in their lifetime

Women are likely to have more brutal periods when it’s cold outside

The only other animals that have periods are leopards

Americans call full stops ‘periods’ because the buttons on old-style typewriters often caused your fingers to bleed

Clots in your period are caused by your uterus cramping and contracting

PMS stands for Period Maintenance System

Your body actually *needs* more calories before your period

‘Menstruation’ literally means, “that which man cannot”

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