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Can I wee and poo with a tampon in?

We’ve all been there. You’re desperate for a wee and when you pull down your knickers, you see that pesky tampon string and wonder ‘do I really have to take that out? I swear I only just put that thing in!’

Great news, guys – you don’t have to.

So I can wee with a tampon in?

Yup! Your wee comes from your urinary opening, the urethra, while tampons are worn in the vagina. Basically, while everything is happening in the same general area, they are completely separate.

The worst thing that could happen is some wee getting on the string. Healthwise this isn’t an issue, just wash your hands afterwards – but you were going to do that anyway, right? Right.

And… um… pooing?

Again, this is really a matter of your personal preference. There is a risk that some fecal matter (poo, basically) might end up on your tampon string, which isn’t ideal from a bacterial perspective, but just gently move your string forward before you wipe in order to avoid a code brown.

TL;DR? Here's the important stuff:
  • You can definitely wee and poo with a tampon in. You have three holes down there (vagina, urethra and anus).
  • Some people prefer to change their tampon every time they go to the loo but there’s no health-related reason why you shouldn’t wee or poo with a tampon in.
  • Just do whatever makes you more comfortable.

When you’re doing a number two, your tampon might sometimes get a case of FOMO and slide slip out a bit too. If this happens, you can push it back up or pull it out and pop a fresh one in. Whichever suits you.

But while I’m in there…

Of course, if you feel like it, you can change your tampon every time you go to the loo. Two birds, one stone. But it can be uncomfortable to remove a tampon if it hasn’t been in there for long (not to mention a waste of a tampon), so remember that there’s no need to change it unless you want to.

So now you can do your number ones and twos without worrying that a third wheel will get in the way.

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Image: Getty/Katie Edmunds

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