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5 dance trends that will keep you on your toes this year

Ever struggled to find exercise that felt more like, well, fun? More like a night out? We have the solution. Dance classes are a great way to fit exercise and fun into the same 45 minute window. No more of this pounding the pavement nonsense or dribbling those basketballs hullabaloo. As wise woman Lady Gaga once said: just dance! Gonna be ok, dada doo doo. Just dance.

We hear you, Lady G. Inspired by shape-throwing mecca Move It 2017, here are the dance trends we’re most jazzed about trying this year.


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You know this one’s legit because it was created by professional dancer, Juliu Horvath. It combines spiral movements and breathing to improve balance, strength and flexibility, but all without jarring your joints. Don’t be put off by the intense-looking machines, though – while Gyrotonic was originally dubbed ‘Yoga for Dancers’, it turns out you don’t have to know how to do a perfect pas de bourrée to enjoy the class.

Dance Cardio

Hate exercise classes with tyrannical teachers and competitive classmates? We hear you. But Dance Cardio is different from other classes, this one is actually designed to be fun. It feels less like a dance class and more like you’re busting a move on the dancefloor with your mates. Plus, with this class your life can look like one of those films where you and your besties all happen to pull out the same dance routine, as if by magic. Thriller, anyone?


Barre, or Barrecore, worked its way into some of our hearts (and feet) last year, but this year it’s really going to EXPLODE. Figuratively, of course. Barre’s a graceful blend of ballet with pilates and yoga that helps tone muscles, improve your flexibility and make you strong af. Tutus optional.

Pop pilates

If you’d rather do your workouts in your living room than perform to imaginary crowds, there’s still a dance workout for you. Pop pilates was developed by YouTube fitness guru Cassey Ho and is a delicious cocktail of pilates, dance and awesome tunes. The channel, Blogilates, features hours of free exercise videos as well as really useful nutritional advice, so it’s not surprising it already has over 3.5 million subscribers.


The 80s called and they want their leg warmers back. Aerobics is making a comeback, but apparently high cut leotards and sweatbands are no longer required. More high-intensity than other dance classes, aerobics improves coordination and agility and gets you super fit, super fast. Plus you get to listen to greats like Michael Jackson and Madonna while you’re at it.

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