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8 reasons why freckles are the best

Freckles have been around for as long as we have and, just like most humans, they’re pretty great. Have you ever seen a freckled face that didn’t make you smile with its cuteness? We think not.

So if you’re struggling to embrace your own freckles or not convinced that they’re a fabulous facial feature, here are ALL the reasons why freckles are the best, complete with famous, freckly ladies to illustrate our point. You know we’re right, girl.

They make us unique

Have you ever seen two faces freckled the same way? Much like snowflakes, a freckly face is a unique face.

They appear in the best places

On your nose, cheeks, shoulders… freckles are like nature’s highlighter.

They add character

You always remember people’s freckles, don’t you? It’s like they’re an extension of their personality.

They’re super cute

No matter how old you are, freckles are never not cute, and that’s no bad thing.

Zoe + Tiffany Fall Campaign = 🤗❤️ 💎💠 #TheresOnlyOne @tiffanyandco

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They’re a sign of summer holidays well spent

Sure, sun care is super important and you should always wear SPF, but even if you slap it on you can still find yourself with a sprinkling of new freckles after a sunny day. And we can all agree sunny days are the best days, right?

#FETISH July 13th ❤️

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They can completely change your face

Usually cover yours up with make up? Let them shine through instead and see how many compliments you get on your ‘new’ look.

freckles out to play

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They’re in fashion

They could be your hottest new accessory, no money spent. Model Adwoa Aboah covers the December issue of British Vogue with her freckles on show proving they are on fire right now.

Don’t have them? You can draw them on!

Grab your brow pencil and give yourself a scattering of freckles across your nose and cheeks to try ’em out. Like them? Keep them!


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