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VIDEO: Going to your doctor – with Dr Yaz

Going to the doctor should be a totally stress-free experience – they’re here to help us, right? But actually it can feel really scary, especially when you’ve got to sit in a waiting room with other people convinced that everyone knows you want to ask about your pubic hair/spots/weird discharge/constant need to fart, and then go into a tiny room and sit really close to someone to tell them about all the weird and wonderful things your body is doing. Nightmare.

The thing is, doctors really have seen it before. It’s really hard to show a doctor something they haven’t encountered a hundred times already, and they’re so used to dealing with bodies that you could march in, rip off your knickers and thrust your foof towards them without them batting an eyelid.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – Dr. Yaz is betty’s resident medical expert and this video takes you through all the things that might happen when you go to see your doctor.

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