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This guy thought you could ‘hold your period in’ and Twitter totally schooled him

Sometimes, people say stupid things. From time to time, I am guilty of this. Just this morning I have asked how to spell ‘restaurant’ and if the female equivalent of a Lord was a Lass.*

But, I like to think that I have never asked anything as stupid as ryanwilliams97. I’m going to go ahead and presume Ryan Williams was born in 1997 (rather than having particularly quirky parents), which makes him 19. Which makes him an adult man.

Earlier this week Ryan posted this tweet.


It seems that Ryan is under the illusion that periods are something we can control, like peeing (obviously he’s never spend twenty minutes worrying that his period has leaked through his trousers). He also seems to think that period blood and pee come out of the same hole?!

If this isn’t a prime example of why we need better, more detailed, more specific sex and health education in schools – for girls AND BOYS – then we don’t know what is.

Some of his comments have made the entire betty team involuntarily shudder, so if you fall down the Ryan Williams Twitter feed rabbit hole (Lauren has done it, she would not recommend it), please make sure you have soft things nearby to throw at the wall.

But hey – instead of just mocking Ryan, let’s turn this into a learning exercise! We took to Twitter to ask people the silliest things they’d ever thought or been asked about periods, and some of the responses were wonderful. In a wonderfully awful sort of way.

The McTampon






  Bleed baby, bleed


It’s a wooden thing


My one and only


 Tampon? I thought you said tap on!


Great Sexpectations  


It is called MEN-stration…


All jokes aside, it’s sad that so many people are still confused about periods. If you want better sex education in schools, why not sign the petition to get sex and relationship education included in the school curriculum at here at #SREnow?

*It’s not Lass by the way, it’s Lady

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