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Blood, sweat and tears: the big quiz of bodily fluids

Look, bodily fluids can be a little, well, gross. Even the term ‘bodily fluids’ is gross. It makes you want to screw your nose up and wince a little, doesn’t it? But this team of A+ liquids don’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve. They’re the unsung heroes. The third guy that went to the moon… no not Neil Armstrong, not Buzz Aldrin – the other one… whatshisname…

Anyway, today at betty we’re giving our bodily fluids their dues and learning a little more about how weirdly wonderful they are. Get ready to immerse yourself in a puddle of pure liquid learning.

Get out the tissues! How many tears will an average person cry in a lifetime?

How many buckets of vomit will you chuck up in your life? (Presuming you don’t get carsick every time you drive to the supermarket).

How much blood do your kidneys clean per MINUTE?

How many sperm will an average man produce in his lifetime?

There are 500,00 sweat glands in your feet – but roughly how much sweat do you think they can produce in a day?

How far does the blood in your body travel each day?

A single human sperm contains 37.5 MB of male DNA (yeah, like a computer file). How many bytes of genetic information are there in an average ejaculation?

How much vaginal discharge does an average woman of reproductive age produce in eight hours?

How much sweat does an average person produce, if they exercise intensely for an hour?

If you lived to the average life expectancy of 78.6 years, how many days do you think you would have spent on the loo?

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