QUIZ: How much do you know about contraception?

Contraception can be a tricky business – and with 15 types to choose from, there’s a lot to stay on top of. But hey, we’ve heard having a baby is even trickier…

It’s time to find out how much attention were you paying in those Sex Ed classes – do you know your IUDs from your implants? And how do you use a condom correctly? Take our contraception quiz to find out.

If you’re under 16 and go to the doctor about contraception, will they call your parents?

Does the Pill protect you against STIs?

How effective are condoms at preventing pregnancy?

What does “use a condom correctly” mean?

How does the Pill stop you from getting pregnant?

Can you reuse condoms?

Can same-sex couples get STIs?

What does IUD stand for?

How long does a contraceptive implant last for?

Does contraception effect your future fertility?

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