QUIZ: If your boobs were a celebrity duo, which celebrity duo would they be?

Pinky and Perky. Ant and Dec. Holly and Fearne. The Chuckle Brothers. For as long as there have been boobs on this planet and famous double acts to name them after, girls have been giving their jigglers sassy alter-egos. That’s just tradition. And if your boobs don’t have nicknames… well, what are you waiting for? Your baps deserve better.

But you can’t just give them any ol’ names; they need to be names that properly express their… personalities. Their character traits. Are they funny, or feisty? Understated or larger than life? Do they work together in harmony, or fight for their own space in the bra of life?

Take our handy quiz and find out…

What’s your fave bra like?

What’s your favourite type of top?

How sensitive are your nipples to the weather?

How would you describe your boobs?

If your boobs were a fruit, which one would they be?

What do you have stored down there?

What’s your favourite term for boobs?

How evenly matched are they?

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