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Roll up, roll up! 7 reasons you should get your skates on

Somewhere, in the depths of 2016, something really weird happened. Seemingly overnight, every kid under the age of 10 had a scooter.

And tbh, I’m really happy for those kids. Really, I am. Children on wheels are completely deadly and accidents on the pavement before school must have shot up a bazillion per cent, but I am not a hater. I will let them have their fun. But I want to have fun too. Which is where rollerskating comes in. Almost overnight, we’ve become totally obsessed.

Here are seven reasons we’re taking up roller skating – and you’re definitely going to want to, too…

1. It looks so damn cool

Rollerskating is the slightly more grown up, slightly cooler version of scooters. It’s scootering for the chic. It’s like scootering for people who can almost definitely already spell scootering, and figure skating for people who don’t want goosebumps.

2. It’s really good exercise

Rollerskating has pretty much every health benefit going for it (minus the whole falling over thing, but hey, you can’t have everything). It works your arms and legs, as well as strengthening your core (take that, yoga). It also improves your balance, agility and coordination, with the side benefit of being great cardio and boosting your endurance. Overall: killing it in the fitness stakes.

3. You can do it practically anywhere

A park? Sure. A (quiet) street? Watch for cars, but yep. The beach? Apparently so. The pavement? Absolutely! Just watch out for the under-10s with their lame scooters.

4. Amy is doing it

Our own betty gal Amy has recently taken up skating, which means that approximately 3 weeks from now, the rest of the office will have decided to have a go too. Plus, look how brilliant she looks!

5. If you get really good at it, you can do roller derby

Ok, so this might be the main reason we are really into rollerskating. But in our defence, it is so. Bad. Ass. Who wouldn’t want to be this badass?

If you haven’t watched Whip It, we’ve just sorted out the next hour and a half of your life. It’s a cool film about cool women who do roller derby and are freaking awesome at it. Fair warning, it’s a pretty aggressive game demanding some seriously good skate skills, and most clubs have a rule stating that you have to be over 18 to join – so hey, you have some time to learn. There are also some younger clubs popping up, like London Roller Girls Junior League, that teach you to skate and the rules of roller derby in preparation.

6. Roller D-I-S-C-O, baby

If roller derby isn’t really your style, what about a roller disco? Roller discos became popular in the 70s, when flares and sweatbands ruled the fashion scene. There are some scattered all over the country, but if there’s not one near you why not try and get some of your mates together and organise one of your own? It certainly beats the awkward dancing at all the other under-18 parties out there.

7. The beautiful skates themselves

Sure, you should never take a sport purely because the accessories are pretty, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that rollerskates looking amazing. They can be a little ££ buying them new, but there are always loads on eBay. Here are some of our faves.

These pastel ones are so pretty it hurts.

Quad roller skates teal/coral, £53.95, Rio

These retro ones are too cool for words

Retro red and white skates, £45.80, Rookie

Or these are the wonderful ones that Amy from team betty is sporting.

Classic II Blueberry Quad, £64.95, Rio

What are you waiting for? Get your skates on.


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