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The sweaty girl’s guide to surviving summer

Summer! Time for sun, fun and – if you’re anything like me – sweat.

Everyone sweats. It’s totally normal. But I somehow get that bit clammier than most people, which means I spend a lot of time fighting the dreaded sweat patches, not to mention lanky hair and a shiny forehead (seriously, you can see your reflection in it).

So fellow sweaty betties, I feel you. It’s definitely no fun worrying about your glistening upper lip when you’re trying to enjoy a sunny day in the park. But chill (literally). There are loads of ways to keep cool when things heat up.

Lather up

Sounds basic, I know, but a good soap sesh in the shower gets rid of the bacterial nasties that can clog pores and make you feel extra sweaty. A daily shower is perfect for keeping clean, but there’s nothing to say you can’t scrub up more often – just make sure you use a gentle shower gel so you don’t dry out your skin. For extra freshness, try swapping your regular after-shower body lotion for a lightweight, hydrating aloe vera gel.

Less is more

So you spend ages getting your makeup exactly on point, then an hour later you glance at your reflection in a window and realise you look like a terrifying clown – it’s literally everywhere except where it’s supposed to be. Thanks, summer!

But you can counteract the slap slide quite easily by paring down your routine. Switch to a lighter BB cream instead of foundation, skip the contouring (the sun will do it for you now) and invest in a waterproof mascara. And don’t worry if you’re all about bold eyeshadow – a little bit of primer dabbed gently on your eyelid will help keep it in place. You could also try blotting sheets like these by Beauty Papier, to mop up any shine without caking your face in powder.

Edit your wardrobe

Natural fabrics are your friend. Think cotton and linen – these let your skin breathe so you’re less likely to feel like a marinating chicken. Try to steer clear of synthetic materials such as polyester and silk, especially on top where you’re more likely to get sweat stains (and I don’t just mean under your arms – chesty girls, holler at me if you’re familiar with boob sweat). Sometimes pit patches are inevitable, but they can also be disguised by darker colours and patterns. Time to rock the bold prints! Or just hold your head up and be pleased your bod is doing its thing.

Keep clothes clean

While we’re on the subject of clothes, let’s talk about laundry. Yep, pretty boring, but pretty important. A lot of people are surprised to learn that fresh sweat doesn’t actually smell of anything, so if you’re wearing clean clothes you don’t need to worry about smelliness while you’re out and about, no matter how drenched you are. But if that sweat is left to fester on your clothes, it will get smelly, so keep on top of that laundry pile.

Maximise your antiperspirant

Antiperspirant deodorant isn’t just for your underarms, you know. A solid stick type will also do the job under your boobs, between your thighs and even on your upper lip – but apply carefully, it doesn’t taste as nice as it smells (trust me). Cool fact: you can even put your antiperspirant on at night to give the ingredients time to start working before you get up. It can even work after a shower.

Be down with the up-do

Idea: long, glorious mermaid hair. Reality: a sweaty neck and flat hair stuck to your forehead. If this sounds familiar, now’s the time to experiment with cute up-dos and off-the-face styles. Beachy buns and boho plaits look cool and keep you cool – and let’s be honest, long loose hair is just gonna end up in your ice-cream anyway.

Assemble a handbag arsenal

You don’t need to lug loads of products around with you, but a few minis tucked discreetly in your bag will help keep you feeling fresh on the go. Blotting sheets are a must-have for mattifying a shiny face without smudging makeup and a travel-sized pack of wet wipes are great for covertly cooling your neck and chest. Even though fresh sweat doesn’t actually smell of anything, being hot and sticky can deffo make you feel like you’re smelly, so keep a body spray or a miniature bottle of your fave fragrance to hand for a quick pick-me-up.

Ice, ice baby

Sipping a cold drink will help you cool down, but go easy. Drinking too many iced drinks will actually cool you down so much your body thinks you’re not warm enough, so it will work harder to heat you up (NOT helpful, body). Instead of mainlining the Frappuccinos, try running cool water over your wrists instead. Your blood vessels are closer to your skin here, so it’ll help bring your body temperature down quick-sharp.

And finally remember – while sweating is a bit unpleasant, it’s totally normal. Embrace it. It means summer’s finally arrived!


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Image: Iratxe Lopez De Munain / Getty


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