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QUIZ: Which music video is the dance routine to your life?

Ohhh, if only life were a music video. If only you could replace actual speech and communication with a really bangin’ three minute hip-hop routine and a smoke machine. If only there was a troupe of buff backing dancers just waiting in the wings any time you got tired, to run on and lift you over their heads like a beautiful mattress. If only exams, friendship fallouts and really awkward family dinners could all be completed through the medium of DANCE.

And if they could (let’s imagine they could), how would yours look? Would it be a cool interpretive masterpiece, a campy 80s horrorfest, an homage to iconic posers or a storming celebration of rhythm queens everywhere? Find out below…

You’re going out-out! What’s your hair situation?

Rumour has reached you that there’s some serious drama kicking off behind the science block. Do you…

What’s your spiritual decade?

It’s your birthday. What’s shaking?

What are your feelings about handbags?

What’s top of your most-used emoji section?

How’s your phone looking?

What’s your signature move?

We hope you feel inspired by this feature created in collaboration with our lovely friends at

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