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39 flimsy excuses we’ve all used to take a selfie

To thine own selfie be true. Here are all the totally valid reasons you’ve almost definitely used for flipping that screen round…

1. You have new hair!

2. You have a new lipstick!

3. You have the same hair!

4. There is a cultural landmark just visible behind you.

5. There is a cultural landmark just off camera that you can totally tell people is there.

6. You are holding something adorable, and it hasn’t peed on you yet.

7. It is the first sunny day of the year.

8. It is the last sunny day of the year, maybe.

9. It is a cold and grey day, but people probably want to know how you feel about that.

10. It is Monday.

11. It is Saturday.

12. It is Wednesday.

13. You’re in a nice toilet.

14. You’re in a toilet that isn’t nice but has great lighting.

15. You tried a hat on.

16. You’re on a boat.

17. You’ve been crying really, really hard at a Christmas advert.

18. You’re with a pal!

19. You’re not with a pal but wishing you were.

20. You’re at a very boring family function.

21. There’s someone who might be a celebrity just behind your shoulder. You know, whassisface! From that thing!

22. There are beautiful autumn leaves.

23. There is snow.

24. You have an ice cream.

25. You just woke up.

26. You should be asleep.

27. You got a Starbucks.

28. You ate something that turned your tongue blue.

29. You have silly glasses on.

30. You have normal glasses on.

31. You’re teaching your nan how to use her new smartphone.

32. Somebody told you selfies were the work of the devil.

33. You’re experiencing an emotion.

34. You just noticed a filter you’ve never used before. Show me what you got, Stinson.

35. You’re near some amazing graffiti.

36. You’re near a colourful wall.

37. You’re near a brick wall.

38. You’re near any wall.

39. You’re alive! And you are fabulous.

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Image: Manjit Thapp

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