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7 healthy resolutions for 2017 (and none of them involve salad) #NewYearSameYou

We’ve finally seen the end of what was, for loads of people, a long and hard year. It was all just A Bit Much. And while lots of us couldn’t wait to shut the door on 2016 and jump into 2017’s arms, the pressure of January is big and real. We’re talking about… *whispers* New Year’s Resolutions.

Why are we whispering? Well, we’re *looks around* hiding from having to make New Year’s Resolutions, of course. They’re scary, right? They mean commitment and looking 365 days ahead and expectations and pressure and… and… and… OH GOD LET’S JUST STAY IN 2016 INSTEAD.

And breathe. No. New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be scary at all. They’re just a chance to make you and your life that little teensy bit better. New years are about possibilities, excitement, and opportunities. So, instead of trying to think of grand, expensive, mind-bogglingly extravagant resolutions, how about you try some of these more simple, healthy, and achievable resolutions instead?

1. Drink more water

There are so many ‘rules’ dictating how much water you should drink, but let’s just all agree to drink MORE of the stuff in 2017. It’s healthy, prevents headaches, keeps you awake and lively, can do wonders for your skin, and helps keep your body and mind nice and regulated. And it’s literally on tap, so no excuses.

2. Explore more

Exploring doesn’t have to mean travelling the world. It can mean day trips to the seaside, exploring your own town, trying new foods, dabbling in new hobbies, and exploring yourself. Explore your own body, and your wants, loves, and needs. You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to ‘find yourself’.

3. Keep yourself at number one

You can’t be a good friend without looking after yourself. In 2017, remember to stay at the top of your own priority list (here’s how). You’ll be a better friend, student, worker, and overall awesome human being if you’ve got yourself in tip top shape.

4. Not worry what others think

The most important opinion in your life is YOURS, as you are (newsflash) the one living it. It can be so easy to get caught up in what others think about you and your life choices, but does it affect them? Probably not. Can they be a better you than you can be? Nope. Do they know your life better than you? No. You do you, and let them do them.

5. Banish unhealthy friendships and throw yourself into GREAT friendships

You may not be able to make toxic friends disappear, but you can certainly learn to accept an unhealthy friendship. That doesn’t mean just getting on with it, but it means not letting them get to you anymore. 

Then have a think about what makes a good friend to you, and LOVE THOSE FRIENDS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT AND DON’T LET THEM GO.

6. Have goals but enjoy the experience

Having goals is so great. They keep you determined, motivated, and bettering yourself. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Draining yourself to achieve a goal won’t make it enjoyable. You’ll end up a tick list and you’re way more than that.

7. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself, ‘kay?

And if you don’t achieve a goal, that’s ok! You’re not a failure! If you tried, that’s more than enough. Putting too much pressure on yourself takes all the fun out of resolutions – and of life, tbh. 

Anyway, you shouldn’t need a new year to want to do exciting, achievable, healthy, and self-bettering stuff. You should want to do it anyway, because you deserve to have nice things and be the best version of you that you can be.

So create your healthy resolutions with you in mind, not everybody else. You’re going to have the best year, alright? We say so.


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