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9 things you need to pack if you’re going camping this summer

Sponsored by Merci Handy

Summer hols is in full swing! Sure, you’ve been abroad with the fam, you’ve ticked off some amazing day trips with your girls, but if you haven’t planned a camping weekend, you are seriously missing out. The marshmallows, the fresh air, the ghost stories you stay up all night telling each other (and then screaming over every single time you hear a branch crack) – it’s the cheapest, easiest way to have maximum fun. Promise.

So, get your tent down from the loft, pack your sleeping bag and grab your bffs for the ultimate outdoor bonding trip. Not sure where to start when it comes to packing your rucksack? Here’s everything you need if you want to camp like a pro…


Obvs, there’s no light switch in the great outdoors, so once your phone, back-up battery and back-up-back-up battery have died, you won’t be left scrambling around like a deranged crab in the dark.

Spare pads

Sod’s law will dictate that your period arrives when you’re in the middle of a field. Gahhh. Pack your ‘For Now’ betty supplies just incase.

Hand gel

Nature is super-fun, but we’d be lying if we said you’re not going to get a little grubby out there in the wilderness. Rid your hands of any gross germs with Merci Handy’s hand gel. Not only does it cleanse your hands but it smells great, plus the special pearls keep your hands soft and it’s small enough to slide into your Kånken’s front pocket.

Mini games

Ramp up the rivalry (friendly, of course) with some team games. Be sure to have a set of cards, or a travel-sized board game in your camping kit.

Plastic cups

Although not the most environmentally friendly (dispose of them responsibly, guys), plastic cups are your most multi-purpose tool when camping. From sink to cosmetic holder to actual drinking vessel, they can be anything you need them to be.


Cooking takes about five times longer when you’re using a teeny-tiny camp stove, so make sure you’ve got some snacks hidden away. Nothing chocolatey, or perishable, though, as you don’t want mould, or a melty mess, to deal with.

Mini first aid kit

Come prepared for any cuts or falls with a little kit of plasters and antiseptic cream. This will protect you from infection and more importantly, stop you getting a gammy hand. No one wants that.


Wipes are likely to be your shower if there aren’t any bathrooms nearby. If it’s good enough for your baby sister’s bum, it’s good enough for you though, right?

Disposable camera

Capture any drama from the weekend on an old school disposable camera. It won’t be the end of the world if it gets lost or wet, and waiting to get the prints back after the weekend will be *the* most exciting Tuesday you’ve probably ever had.

Merci Handy hand gels are available online.

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Image: Confessions Of A Shopaholic

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