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If I could tell my 14-year-old self one thing… by Amy Abrahams

Amy Abrahams is a freelance journalist and editor who has written for loads of national magazines including GLAMOUR, Red, The Pool and Women’s Health. You can read some of her work here.

“My advice to my 14 year old self is pretty much: “Amy, you’re going to be ok.”

I think when I was 14, I was starting a strange headspace of mess. I was really hard on myself. I used to think I was horrible and ugly and no one liked me and that I was rubbish and I didn’t like my body. I felt really quite bad a lot of the time. So I think I’d tell myself: you’re going to be ok, you are worthy of love, you are good at something, you don’t have to be good at everything. So what you can’t do maths? Who cares! You’re going to be a writer, you’ll be fine! You don’t even need maths, there are calculators, whatever! You’re going to be ok, don’t worry so much and know that you’re deserving of happy times. You’re a nice person, a good person.

I think I’d probably also tell myself to occasionally do my homework. I would have avoided a lot of trouble at school if I’d done just a little bit more homework.”


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