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Gifs that perfectly describe having a new crush

Sometimes you know from the first second you lay eyes on them. Other times you know them for months or even years before a switch flips and you suddenly see them in a new, rose-tinted light. But either way, it tends to go a little something like this…

Woah, who is that?!

And what is this weird tightness in your chest?

Suddenly you want to be near them, even if it’s only for a second

Because they make you feel like this

You can’t take your eyes off them

And if they say anything remotely funny you burst out laughing, even if they weren’t saying it to you

You can’t believe that other people can come into contact with them and not immediately feel the same way

You tell your BFF and she’s all…

And you’re all…

Together, you spend 20 minutes composing the perfect message

Because you want to make sure they know your relationship status

But you’re too scared to send it so you just sit on it for a while

At night you’re so excited you can’t fall asleep

And you stay awake until 4am imagining the two of you doing cute coupley things together

You’re desperate to tell them how you feel

But you know how that would go…

You think about stealing a line from a film

But it would come out more like…

And you might turn all…

When you finally build up the courage to say something

It’s a bit of disaster

And it’s also a little bit perfect.


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