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9 sweet ways to show your bestie some love

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While Valentine’s is traditionally about wannabe SO’s, here at betty HQ there’s another important relationship we want to celebrate: the one between you and your bff. Because who’s to say your bestie isn’t your soulmate? After all, they laugh at your jokes, have seen you at your worst (that time you cry-sneezed in their bathroom) AND your best (last year’s non-uniform day) and totally still love you regardless.

So whether your best buddy is a guy or a girl, it’s important to show them just how much you love them, too. Chocolates and teddies *are* nice and everything, but we’ve got a few simple gestures that require little pre-planning (or money!) in order to make them feel good.

1. Try things they enjoy

Showing an interest in their hobbies is one thing, but why not give them a go yourself? Even if you’re more of a hockey player than an anime-lover, taking the time to show them their interests are important to you will make them feel great. And, if you really hate it, you can pass for life now you’ve given it a go!

2. Motivate them

Their pocket money probably doesn’t stretch to a personal cheerleader, so that’s where you come in. Whether you support them from the sidelines during a big match, or just give them a friendly reminder that they can handle whatever the day brings, let them know you’re behind them 100%.

3. Compliment them

*You* may know how incredible they are, but they may forget from time to time. Who doesn’t get a buzz from being told they look HAWT, or that the painting they did in art class looked pretty darn professional? A little compliment goes a long way.

4. Randomly pop up

Whether it’s a spontaneous phone call, or just rocking up on their doorstep à la Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, showing them they were on your mind and you want to see them will defo make them feel loved. Who knows, you might have arrived at the exact moment they need you!

5. Near, far, wherever they are…

… that heart-wrenching song from Titanic doesn’t just apply to Kate and Leo; if you’ve got a long-distance bestie, tag them in memes, set up weekly phone calls and make sure they know that it doesn’t matter how far away they are – they’re still your number one.

6. Literally give them love

This one totally depends on the type of people you are. Some people love kisses, cuddles and casual spooning in public, while others would rather a 4-foot barrier surrounded them 24/7. Gauge the vibe, and either leap in for a spontaneous bear hug, or show them some affection with a reassuring shoulder rub.

7. Listen

It might sound really simple, but just sitting and listening to your best friend goes a long way. They could be going through a tough time and need to offload, or they could just want to gush (again) about the fact that their school crush once smiled at them. Either way they’ll really appreciate the time.

8. Take a walk down memory lane

Your friendship is built on memories and they’ll love that you remember the little things. Why not set a weekend aside to make a cute scrapbook of your friendship together? Just hit print on all those amazing Facebook albums and collage them in a book packed with stickers and cute friendship notes.

9. Share

“Sharing is caring,” your older bro says as he nicks the remote right in the middle of a tense Scream Queens scene. As annoying as that is, he has a point. Candy Kittens are encouraging everyone to live life #thesweetway, which is basically about living your best life – and in this case, helping your bestie to do the same! Why not pop open your bag of Candy Kittens from this month’s bettybox and scoff away together over a good old gossip?

Image: Riverdale

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