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“Some sunshine is good for the soul”: 9 celeb quotes on sunny weather

It’s (nearly) summer! Nearly. Dig out the sunglasses, bikinis and sunscreen because it’s time to spend your days lounging in the park doing absolutely nothing.

We all know that life feels 300% better when the sun shines, and celebs are no exception – it’s one of the few things we can actually have in common with them. Besides heads.

Here are nine cool girls on sun seeking.

“I like to give my vagina a little vitamin D.”

Probably best to keep this within the confines of your own home, Shailene Woodley.

“I love the sun and saltwater, which is not good for your skin. I’m terrible about protecting my skin as well.”

Julia Stiles is not the best person to go to for summer skincare advice.

“I have known beaches, but I have no particular fondness for them. I don’t like sand in my crevices. I don’t like sand at all. I don’t enjoy all that sunshine and heat without the benefit of climate control.”

The sun can get a bit much for Roxane Gay. We totally feel you about the sand, babe.

“It may be the darkest, greyest day you’ve ever seen but beyond the clouds the sun is always shining.”

Cheryl meant this in a philosophical way, but it counts for the weather too.

“I hate bacon. And sunshine, as my friends like to point out.”

Hey, has anyone checked if Aubrey Peeples has a reflection?

“I love being natural. I never feel more beautiful then after I’ve been to the beach and my hair’s just a crazy mess of salt curls, or when I’ve just been outside all day hiking.”

It also helps to look like Troian Bellisario, of course.

“Some sunshine is good for the soul, but I always make sure I wear a big hat.”

Miranda Kerr – sun safe and fashionable.

“Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.”

Drew Barrymore finds beauty in even the unlikeliest of places. Like the pavement.

“I love summer, but my legs are so pale I can never wear shorts or a bikini.”

Emma Roberts has been given some bad advice somewhere along the way. Get ’em out anyway, Em! Pale is beautiful too.


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Image: Getty / Katie Edmunds


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