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Why we’re loving Maddie Ziegler this week

If binge watching old episodes of Dance Moms sounds like your ideal Sunday, then this week’s #FollowFriday is right up your street. Enter the show’s star Maddie Ziegler! Not only is this girl an amazing dancer, but since leaving the show earlier this year (sad times) she’s launched a clothing line and written a book. Not bad for a high schooler, right?

If you’re anything like us you’ve probably wanted to be bffs with the hilarious and talented hun since she first appeared on the show in 2011. But in case you needed convincing, here are four reasons to fan girl over Mads…

She’s an amazing dancer (obvs)

Over the last seven years, thanks to our weekly Dance Moms fix, we’ve got to see Maddie grow from a cute eight year old dancer from Pittsburgh (US) into a super talented young woman, recognised globally for her awesome moves. Now, aged 15, we feel personally invested in her dance career and have loved watching her skills grow.

Her hard work and determination is super inspiring and hasn’t gone unrecognised. Last year, Maddie featured as a judge on the hit US TV show So You Think You Can Dance, working alongside some of Hollywood’s dance royalty. During the show, Maddie even got to perform with some of the cast. How awesome!? Check out her performance with superstar choreographer Travis Wall here.

We're back tonight and it's down to the TOP 6! Don't forget to watch ? @danceonfox #SYTYCD

A post shared by maddie (@maddieziegler) on

She’s got some pretty cool celeb friends

Australian singer Sia spotted Maddie a few of years ago when she was just 11 and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Maddie has Sia down as one of her closest friends and mentors, and the dynamic duo have a very close relationship. “She’s the goofiest person I’ve met,” Maddie tells People Now. “She’s giggling all the time. You can’t ever really take her seriously when you’re with her.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for like, ever, you’ve probably seen some of their amazing collabs too. (Erm, HELLO ELASTIC HEART.) While working with Sia on that awesome music video Maddie also became really close with her co-star Shia Labeouf. Their busy Hollywood schedules have meant they haven’t seen each other in a while, but Maddie still says he’s “like an older brother” to her. N’aww.

make sure you watch the new Sia video "elastic heart" with Shia and i. Links in my bio?

A post shared by maddie (@maddieziegler) on

Dealing with negative comments online and navigating the world of Hollywood can be pretty tough when you’re only 15. So having a famous bff who’s going through the same is a total godsend. Maddie and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown first became close in the lead up to the Teen Choice Awards this year and even got ready together for the event! We love this star-studded pair.

She’s a total businesswoman

As if Maddie wasn’t busy enough, this teen’s also released her own 90s-inspired clothing line. ‘Maddie’ is tailor-made for her fans and can be ordered online right here! We don’t think we’ll be able to resist adding a few things (aka everything) to our Christmas wish list.

my newest collection for @maddiestyle makes my heart happy ???✨

A post shared by maddie (@maddieziegler) on

When she’s not being a fashionista, this girl turns her hand to writing. Like, how does she even have time to breath? Her first book, The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir, made the New York Times bestseller list in its first week. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

She’s super funny

Maddie recently made this hilarious video with Teen Vogue, which had us lolling hard. Her impression of Kylie Jenner is on point! We can see why this girl is the star performer everyone wants to work with. Can we be friends already?

wish i was still this cool …

A post shared by maddie (@maddieziegler) on

We can’t wait to see what’s next for this betty babe. Keep doing you Maddie, we’re all massive fans!

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Image: Katie Edmunds

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