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#FollowFriday: Why we’re loving Ellen Jones this week

Meet Ellen Jones, a 19-year-old activist who writes, vlogs, Instas and campaigns about what it is to be a gay girl with autism.

She’s an award-winningly-impressive activist

Stonewall is an organisation that helps lesbian, gay, bi and trans people to flourish, reach their full potential and know that they are not alone. It’s an amazing charity that has done so much to make challenge LGBT+ bullying and campaign for “acceptance without exception,” so when Ellen was named as their young campaigner last year, it was a huge deal. She worked with them for several months, helping to ensure that LGBT+ content is not unfairly censored by YouTube. Go, go Ellen!

She has an awesome YouTube series called Queeries

Are you wondering about anything to do the LGBT+ community? Then Ellen could answer it for you! She started vlogging as part of being a young campaigner for Stonewall, and now has a whole playlist of Queeries episodes where you could find the answer to topics as varied as “Do queer people have to use dating apps?”, “Gender expression, mental health and spectrums” and “Being trans, school support and coming out”. If there’s something you’re wondering about that she hasn’t touched on yet, drop her a line and she could answer your q in a future ep!

She is a triple selfie queen

Why post one selfie when you can post three? Ellen sees no need to question this approach, often posting a gorgeous trio of face-on shots back-to-back (and sometimes posting up to 12!) Why the heck not, hey?!

She’s just launched a kickass podcast, Never Read the Comments

We can all learn a valuable lesson before even hitting play (as the title is a definitely life-improver) but click here if you want to hear more of what Ellen has to say. The first two episodes are about launching a feminist magazine and mental health and the internet, and they’re totes worth a listen.

She does a mean cat eye flick

If there’s one thing that’s consistent across almost all of Ellen’s Insta posts, it’s some incredible eyeliner work. This girl can absolutely nail a chunky cat eye with absolutely no wobbly, mismatched peepers in sight. Spill your secrets pls!

She talks about her autism

After many years of struggling with mental health, including being bipolar (which she has vlogged, written and spoken about extensively), Ellen found out that she is an autistic person last year. Find out more about how this has affected how she understands her own sense of self, her interactions with other people and her general mental wellbeing in this fascinating video. She has also written a brilliant list of things to do if you’re feeling bad on her blog, which is something that literally everyone could find useful.

She posts some great hair pics

She’s currently rocking some incredible purple locks (which she actually wrote a whole blog post about), and some of her pals have totally mind blowing hair, too. C’mon, the rainbow locks on this gal – that’s Pride, right there on her head.

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