Gifs to get you through a breakup

Broken hearts are the worst. They make you tired and sad and weepy and hungry. But don’t worry – with the right support and the right internet material, you will make a full recovery.

Here are some of our fave gifs to help soothe the pain.

Look, breakups are tough.

People say mean things

Or do mean things

And let’s be real, even the civil break-ups still suck.

You might not want to hear it

And you might never want to get involved with anyone ever, ever again

But deep down you know that you deserve better than this relationship

There might be times when you’re tempted to call them up and pretend this never happened…

That’s totally normal – but before you hit call, really take a moment to think about it

But remember, you are wonderful unicorn

Who has dreams of their own

You deserve better

And you’re not willing to settle

Sometimes it will be confusing. There will be days you feel like this…

And others where you’ll feel like this.

But you’ll always have your mates to get you through

And Pop Tarts. Never forget the Pop Tarts.

P.S. I advise anyone going through a bad break up to watch The First Wives Club. Even if it doesn’t soothe your heart, it will at least make you get up and dance, and maybe want to rock a white trouser suit.


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