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18 ways to be a good friend today

There are few things that suck as much as seeing your friend going through a crappy time. It’s hard to know what to do or how you can help, but

1. Post some cookies through their letterbox.

2. Offer to skip the party too, because you know they’ll feel uncomfortable.

3. Compliment them on their smile.

4. If you hear them say something negative about themselves, interrupt them and say, “Hey, don’t you dare talk about my friend that way!”

5. Cook them dinner.

6. Watch that thing they love so much, even though you think you’ll hate it.

7. Tea. Obviously, tea.

8. If they’re struggling in class, offer to help them out with their homework.

9. Or if they’re struggling at home, invite them round for a sleepover.

10. Send them a video of unlikely animal friends.

11. If you hear someone say something unkind about them, instead of ignoring it, stand up for your friend.

12. Write out a beautiful poem (or write one yourself) and post it to them.

13. Get them out for a walk, just the two of you. Fresh air and exercise can be amazing medicine.

14. Turn up to support them at their race/recital/karate exam, no matter how boring they insist it will be.

15. Listen to them talk about their break up, even if it’s the millionth time you’ve sat through the story. Make all the right noises, again.

16. Don’t pass on that piece of incredibly juicy gossip, for once.

17. Automatically give them some of your chips, even if they swore they didn’t want one.

18. Show up. Always, always, show up.


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Image: Hailey Hamilton

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