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Why we’re loving Joy Crookes this week

While most of us spend our final school year struggling to pass our maths GCSE while watching far too many nail art tutorials (just me?) this betty babe was juggling exams, having a social life AND launching a music career.

Aged just 15, this week’s girl crush Joy Crookes got her first recording contract and has been working hard to make her name in the music scene ever since. Now 19, Londoner Joy has fully established her music style and, thanks to the release of her amazing single Bad Feeling, is already being hailed as “the next big thing” by some pretty ritzy music gurus.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in full fangirl mode over this chick atm. Here’s why…

Mood because i can feel myself being bitten by mosquitos, thick bengali ones

A post shared by Joy Crookes (@joycrookesmusic) on

She’s woke

Joy’s songs are full of thought-provoking lyrics that discuss everything from relationships to politics. She’s not afraid to use her music to speak her mind and explains to creative agency Babyface that it was her school history teacher who inspired her to start writing about real life situations. This teacher spotted Joy’s talent from an early age and encouraged her to use her lyrics to explore situations she felt were important, such as race and girl power. Check out her latest single Power for some food for thought. It’s a total jam.

She’s super talented

If her stunning voice wasn’t proof enough of this girl’s mega talent, she plays the guitar on several of her tracks. Having known she wanted to write music from a very young age, Joy took up guitar lessons at school and quickly fell in love. Her Insta often features dreamy vids of her chilling out with her guitar. Seriously, this girl is #goals.

Songs about where i grew up ❤️

A post shared by Joy Crookes (@joycrookesmusic) on

Joy prides herself on being fully involved with all aspects of her music career. She directs her own music videos and comes up with the creative vision behind them. Talk about talent. She tries to make each video as personal as possible and even recruited her mum and grandma to feature in the video for her single Power. How cute!?

POWER… coming soon

A post shared by Joy Crookes (@joycrookesmusic) on

She’s real

You only have to read one interview featuring this babe to fall in love with her hilarious and totally real personality. When asked: “What’s the first thing you do when you get up?” she replied, “Wish that alarms never existed.” LOL. We feel you girl.

I want people to make babies to my music

A post shared by Joy Crookes (@joycrookesmusic) on

We also love how close she is with her family. She says her proudest moment to date was seeing her grandma’s face during her first headline show at Corsica Studios, Elephant and Castle. “She was the reason I bucketed it down with tears by the last song.” N’aww.

"Now she say she gon' do what to who?"

A post shared by Joy Crookes (@joycrookesmusic) on

We think 2018 is gonna bring some pretty big things to this talented teen! We can’t wait to sit back and gush as our girl rises to fame.

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Image: Katie Edmunds


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