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21 genius exam answers that deserve an A* in sass

Let’s be honest, there’s no worse feeling in the world than those nerves when you’re heading into that exam hall. And there’s no terror quite like the realisation that you haven’t revised a single thing that’s on the paper. Turning over the first page to find your fears have been confirmed… well, that’s not gonna happen for you, you’re amazing, so let’s not worry about it.

For some though, the nightmare is seriously real. But rather than sit and worry about their destiny, they just turn the whole thing into a challenge instead – a challenge to come up with the single most awesome answer they possibly can.

So step back and admire 21 sassy exam answers that are so wrong, they’re actually kind of right. Exam-takers of the internet, we love you deeply.

1. When in doubt, channel Katniss. But maybe not this much.

2. Beyonce is the answer to everything in life. See, this is proof.

3. Technically, this one is actually kind of correct (especially ‘cos it reminds us of Madagascar).

4. Even the Dark Lord couldn’t disagree with that answer.

5. Where’s the lie, though?

6. If you know that you’re heading straight towards a fail, a lucky ninja will appear in the corner of your paper.

7. Any good teacher will appreciate girl power (but maybe not when you’re supposed to be describing a uterus lining).

8. If you can’t say anything nice, take it out on the stupid exam illustrations.

9. This student shall not pass, but it is still a masterpiece.

10. Why waste time on those big, five mark questions when you can sum it up in one word?

11. Any test will instantly become better with a bit of a 90s pop anthem.

12. If you were a cell then you’d understand the struggle.

13. To be fair, that would make it very difficult to ask your sister to do the following things.

14. We would have also accepted Ariana Grande as a correct answer.

15. Honestly, this kid kind of has a point.

16. Yeah Tony, only big nerds end up playing the piano inside exam papers.

17. It’s a shame the marker wasn’t looking for creative answers, because these are actually very deep and meaningful tbh.

18. But how do you know that she WASN’T blind? We reckon he’s cracked it.

19. Although he’s extremely cute, we don’t recommend relying on Perry for your maths exam.

20. Sigh, even the most valid and unavoidable excuses will let you down when it comes to the big day.

21. And last but not least, this one deserves a standing ovation.

22. Um, maybe don’t try any of these when it comes to crunch time. GOOD LUCK.


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