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Things you only know if you’re the only twins at school

Being an identical twin is pretty cool: not only do you have a ready-made BFF/roommate/ cheerleader/stylist on hand, but forget having to painstakingly mock up a fancy dress costume – you can just come as The Shining twins. (Yep, I happen to think they’re PRETTY cute)

I’m a twin (identical if you want to know the ins and out) and even now that we’re in our twenties, people still get us confused – probably because we both have long black hair down to our back. It’s not hard to see why twins have always been a source of fascination for everyone. From The Parent Trap’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to, er, Jedward – twins have always intrigued everyone.

We’re pretty used to the stares now (I gave up thinking I had something stuck in my teeth years ago) and the ‘are you twins?’ question STILL rears its head almost every day. We might have left school nine years ago but here’s what happens if you have a clone…

You have an existing USP

Forget being known as the girl with the red velvet choker/pixie fringe, you’re forever referred to as The Twins. Oh, and even when you’ve left school? You’re still known as that. Yep, really.

You’re always asked who’s the older twin

And when you tell them to guess they get it wrong. Every. Darn. Time. And as for who’s the evil twin? We both won’t admit to that (it’s definitely her though).

People WILL confuse you

Get used to chatting or waving to strangers who assume you’re the other twin – even our dad still does it. That’s okay as were used to answering both names anyway. Very handy for avoiding exes – ‘Oh wrong twin’ mwahaha.

Swapping classes is the highlight of the term

Getting out of double physics? A BREEZE. Bonus points if your teacher can’t even tell the difference. If only this applied in the adult world and I could binge watch Stranger Things all day while my twin goes to work for me instead. Boo.

Sleepovers are the BEST

Forget inviting friends over with popcorn, candy floss and 90s movies (hello Mean Girls, He’s Just Not That Into You and How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days). This is an every night affair when you’re a twin. Let’s face it, nights out can never compete.

People tell you apart by your physical differences

Sometimes they can even be downright harsh. FYI – being known as the twin with the round face while my sister was known as the one with the ‘long face’ isn’t a compliment. Sob.

Yep we do have *the feeling*

We get a vibe when something’s a bit off with the other. But sadly, we can’t read each other’s minds in exams or tests. If only *sigh*. And we DEFINITELY can’t feel each other’s physical pain so don’t try pinching me to see if she can feel it…

You have two wardrobes

Forget a personal shopper – sure we might have different tastes but my twin always has that perfect item languishing in her cupboard (even though she tries her best to hide it). Gold hoops? Mine please. Red lippie. Stashes in bag. But if she steals my favourite top? It’s World War Three…

Teasing the boys at school is super fun

Watching them stutter as your twin appears suddenly next to you has never been so fun. But if anyone tries to tease your twin? You’ll be there, fists at the ready.

You’re always given one birthday gift

You bunch of tight fists, we’re *two* different people ok?! Yep, we get it that we have the same birthday and buying two presents = a very empty purse. But can we at least have our own card?!

Say bye to your individual identity

Unsurprisingly, being a twin means it can be hard to carve out your own identity. Although we are similar in many ways, we do have our differences. At school, she hated History and I ended up taking it to uni. She loved basketball and I faked a limb-destroying illness every PE lesson. The lesson? We may look the same but that doesn’t mean we’re the exact same person.

Despite wanting to strangle my twin sometimes, you always know that no matter what you’ll always have someone to hang out with at lunch. Whether it’s going through a breakup or your BFF has ditched you to sit with another group, there’s always someone who’s got your back. Bonus points if they like double physics …


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