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Things that always inevitably happen when the clocks go forward

Daylight saving time is here, which means that the clocks are going forward… back…. For-back? Um. Here are 16 things that inevitably happen when the clocks change.

1.Your family spends the evening before arguing about whether the clocks go backward or forwards, which ends with someone chanting “SPRING FORWARD, FALL BACK” until you all shut up. Forward it is.

2. Then you all remember that you have smart phones that just change the time automatically, but you’re still glad you know now. You reset the oven clock, just to prove that this knowledge is useful.

3. You can’t get to sleep because you kind of want to see your phone’s clock flick from 1:59am to 3:00am because time is mental.

4. You start to think about the concept of time and how it’s actually just a made-up thing. This is always a bad idea that ends in a small existential crisis. Avoid doing this if at all possible.

5. You wake up tired. You’ve been robbed of an entire HOUR of sleep, which is the government’s way of saying: welcome to spring.

6. You double-check you’ve actually got the time right. This feels way too early. You snooze your alarm. Twice.

7. Sh*t. Now you’re late. Maybe your school will have forgotten about the clocks going forward and you won’t actually be late after all? Would that be too much to ask from this cruel world where you never run out of shampoo and conditioner at the same time and no matter how hard you try, you always end up with lone socks? Is it.

8. Yep, it was too much to ask. You’re definitely late.

9. When you finally get to school someone asks why daylight saving time even exists. Someone tells them it’s because of the farmers. Someone else says that’s a lie, it’s actually really annoying for farmers too. You lose interest in the conversation completely and just wish you could go back to bed.

10. Your iPhone may have got the memo about this whole daylight saving thing, but your stomach certainly didn’t. You weren’t hungry AT ALL at lunch, but now it’s 2pm and you’re pretty much ready to eat you own arm. Or someone else’s arms. You’re not sure which one shows how committed you are to your hunger.

11. When you get home from school, you immediately take a nap. Naps are key to survival in these trying times

12. You realise that Daylight Savings is a bit like going on holiday. You’re essentially jetlagged, but instead of being rewarded with a beach or a beautiful new city, you’re in the same house, in the same city with a slightly damp towel because you forgot to hang it up this morning when you were running late.

13. Your family decides to eat dinner outside because it’s still light and “isn’t it nice to be able to eat outside again?” your mum asks.

14. You all end up draping yourselves in blankets because, let’s be real, it’s still March and way too cold for reasonable people to be eating outdoors like you’re Bear Grylls.

15. After five minutes, even your mum agrees that you should probably go back inside.

16. You’ve been exhausted ALL DAY. But of course the minute you hop into bed you’re wide awake. Maybe you’ll hit Wikipedia to find out what the deal is with the farmers once and for all.


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