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Things you only know if you’re ‘the mum’ of the friendship group

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*Obviously* you have a laugh with your buddies all day, everyday (they wouldn’t be your mates otherwise now, would they?) But, do you ever feel like you’ve got to nurture your friends a bit too? If you’re the first one they run to when they’ve got a problem – a forgotten P.E. kit, a ruined rice pudding in food tech, a lost railcard, no tampons – chances are, you’re probably ‘the mum’ of your friendship group. And do you know what? It’s damn great position to be in. Here’s why…

You’re ahead of the zeitgeist

Which is basically a fancy way of saying you know what’s going to happen before it happens. And, you’re always prepared for it. Rain? Umbrella. Sun? Lotion. Period? Pad. It’s all there neatly packed inside your waterproof rucksack.

You’re the holder of all secrets

Your friends trust you to keep schtum on any juicy goss, plus they have maximum confidence you’ll give stellar advice on any problems. You’re a rare friendship-gem to find, even in adulthood, so shine like the diamond you are.

You’re a great study buddy

Because you’re so organised, your mates know you make THE BEST revision pal. You’ve already got the right books out from the library, you know what homework is due when, and you’ve got the cutest stationary. September’s bettybox features the prettiest pastel highlighter from Stabilo which will fit right in with your desk decor – not to mention work as the perfect lesson accessory.

You’re the boss

If you want to meet at 3pm, rather than 1pm, because you want to slip in one last episode of Pretty Little Liars, it’s totally your call. No one else will have been organised enough to set the time.

Your friend’s parents trust you

Your girl group’s parents have you down as the ‘responsible one’ of the group, so they don’t bat an eyelid when your friends all rock up for a sleepover. Think of the things you could get away with. Of course you don’t have time for silly business, you tell your friends. Not when there’s a manicure schedule to stick to, warm milk to be drunk and a 12-hour sleep on the agenda.

You’re the glue of the group

You hold the whole shebang together. If it weren’t for you, no one would know what lesson was next, half the group would spend their entire weekends hangry, and ‘the feisty one’ would still be fighting with ‘the honest one’. You rule!

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