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Things your parents will always say in summer

You can’t rely on the weather, but some things in life we can predict…

1. “Drink a nice, hot cup of tea! It cools you down!”

2. “You can still get sunburned through cloud, remember!”

3. “I’ll just have a plain vanilla ice cream please. You can’t beat the classic.”

4. “Take a cardigan! I know it’s 29 degrees outside but you never know.”

5. “Ohhh it’s too hot. I mean I like it hot, but not this hot.”

6. “You’re lucky – in my day we just had a week at Weston-super-Mare.”

7. “A dog might have weed on that.”

8. “Why don’t you go on a nice bike ride?”

9.“You can still get sunburned through water, remember!”

10. “I thought as it’s so hot we’d just have salad for dinner?”

11. “Rinse your swimsuit and wring it out! Now! I don’t care that it’s still on you, RINSE IT.”

12. “A bit of rain never hurt anybody.”

13. “Ah well, we can always just cook them in the oven and pretend.”

14. “Don’t scratch it.”

15. “If you’re bored, you can always mow the lawn.”

16. “You can still get sunburned through brick wall, remember!”

17. “Hold still, I’ll fetch the after-sun.”


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