This woman just gave her neighbour the most generous Christmas present in the world #WeepyGirlsCorner

Christmas is a time for giving to those in need. Some people buy a copy of The Big Issue. Some people donate tinned food to the homeless. Some people buy houses for their neighbours.

*Record scratch*

Wait, what?!

According to Indy 100, that’s exactly what Danielle Calder did when her 89-year-old neighbour, Angie Tyma, was evicted from her home in Florida.

When Angie’s husband sadly passed away, a family friend bought their house – at first renting it out to Angie, but then when they needed the money, selling it on to an investment firm. The new owners evicted Angie and with nowhere to go, she spent three weeks living in a motel. Until neighbour Danielle – AKA the Angel Gabriel, fairy Godmother, the Florida equivalent of that lovely old dude from Home Alone 2 – stepped in.

Danielle contacted the company that purchased Angie’s house and bought it back from them.

“Quite honestly, I didn’t need another house,” Danielle, 65, told TODAY. “But I needed her. I couldn’t see her living in a motel room… she’s been here so long. Everyone looks out for her.”

On Angie’s 89th birthday, Danielle handed her the keys to her house back after the entire neighbourhood had helped repaint it.

“It was the right thing to do,” Danielle said. “We’re family — the whole neighbourhood.”

Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, you might not be able to buy your neighbours a house this Christmas, but that’s not the point. This Christmas, let’s all channel our inner Danielle Calder and look out for everyone in our community. The Angies of the world are relying on us.


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