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Weird or wonderful? Pizza eyeliner is apparently a thing now

This week in ‘Instagram beauty is mad but we love it’ news, pizza eyeliner. We’ll say it again and give you a moment to process: pizza eyeliner.

Bringing delicious new meaning to the words “crusty eyes”, this (apparent) trend is hot on the heels of other (apparent) eyeliner trends like ribbon eyeliner, candy cane eyeliner, unicorn horn eyeliner and, er, penis eyeliner (2016 was a year full of dickheads for many reasons, y’all).

Dreamed up by experimental beauty YouTuber Cassisel, it’s a bold makeup look that pays homage to our favourite hot, thin-crust extra cheese – complete with drips of tomato sauce. Because… well, why the hell not. Sometimes a pizza really is the most beautiful thing you can imagine. Plus hey, it’s a gluten-dodger’s dream!

If you want to recreate pizza eyeliner yourself, you’ll need red and yellow liquid lipsticks, black eyeliner and a very steady hand. Or, alternatively, you could just stick with our other favourite pizza-based beauty look: strings of melted cheese down your chin. Hot.

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