QUIZ: Who’s your celeb mum?

You know how the saying goes: you can’t choose your family. But what if, just for today, you could? Mother’s Day is hurtling towards us in a haze of scented candles and fancy breakfasts… but let’s take a quick break from panicking about your real-life mum to figure out what tv or film mum yours would be.

Your mum wants to hang out with you this weekend, she suggests:

When you have friends over, your mum:

Your mum tries to have the sex talk with you by:

What’s the worst discipline your mum’s even dished out?

You want to go to a party on Saturday night, when you ask your mum she says:

Your mum’s favourite meal is?

Describe your mum in one word:

For mother’s day, you’re getting your mum:

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