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Things you only know if you’re a typical Aquarius

Happy birthday, Aquarius! It’s your time to shine – though not too hard, because you wouldn’t want too many people to look at you, would you? Yes, you’re a shy sign, but make sure you gather the circle you feel most comfortable in and throw a celebration. After all, it would be a shame to keep that sarcastic wit all to yourself.

Your fellow Aquarians include some seriously talented folks; Chloe Grace Moretz, Ed Sheeran and – of course – Mr Harry Styles. Great company.

But, other than being born between 20 January and 18 February, what do you have in common with these celeb Aquarians? And, y’know, the other ‘normal’ Aquarius folk of the world? These are all the things you only know if you’re a typical Aquarius…

1. You’re the silent threat of your friendship circle

You might be shy, but your sarcastic humour is deadly, bringing laughs in even the steeliest of situations. It’s a great skill to have, so bravo, Aquarius.

2. Your fierce independence is both a blessing and a curse

You love your own company, which is great; you’re never afraid to eat in restaurants or even go to the cinema alone. However, sometimes being your own BFF can get a little isolating, so remember to RSVP to those party invites every once in a while.

3. Loyalty is one of your finest qualities

You keep your circle small, but you’ll never let them down – and they had better not break a promise to you or they’ll seriously risk ruining your friendship.

4. Intelligence is what you find most attractive in other people  

Sure, good looks and a sense of humour are nice, but smarts? Soooo sexy.

5. You hate being bored

Despite being happy on your own, you’ll never just sit around doing nothing, instead choosing to lose yourself in a good book or movie. Boredom is the enemy of an active mind.

6. It’s tricky for you to express your emotions

Sometimes people mistake you for being cold, due to your aloof exterior, but you have plenty of warm, fuzzy feels. They’re just buried deep inside you, for fear of not being reciprocated, which is OK! But try to let those walls down every now and then.

7. You find it impossible to lie

Honesty is definitely your best policy, Aquarius.

8. Though you do have a rebellious streak

It’s unexpected, but it’s brilliant, and all your friends love seeing this side of you.

9. What you lack in loud you make up for in being a great listener

Your friends always know they can come to you for a good moan, because you’ll nod along in all the right points without interrupting.

10. Your best quality, Aquarius? You’re truly an original

No two of you are the same and that’s just wonderful.

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