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Things you only know if you’re a hoarder

Hoarders can attach meaning to the smallest of things, whether it’s the hair clip they wore on their first day of school or the empty perfume bottle that reminds them of a great holiday. Truth is, they find parting with anything pretty hard. If you can’t quite master ‘out with the old, in with the new’ then these following things may be all too familiar…

You’ve got more cables than the Apple store

Seriously girl, I think it’s about time you binned the charger for your Gameboy. Let’s face it, it probably doesn’t even work. Take a deep breath, drop it in the recycling and walk away.

You’ve practically forgotten what colour your bedroom carpet is

If you’re a hoarder, chances are you’re also pretty messy! If you’re anything like me you’ve had a floordrobe for so long you’ve almost forgotten anything exists underneath it.

Throwing away cuddly toys is a sin to you

Even though you know he’s just sat collecting dust somewhere, the thought of throwing out Mr. Cuddles is one you simply cannot handle.

You’re super sentimental

You keep every ticket, every birthday card and every school diary just in case you fancy a trip down memory lane.

You can’t resist a freebie

Whether it’s sachets of ketchup, napkins or straws, you’ll always grab a handful and stash them somewhere for later.

Your handbag is full of junk

Being a hoarder can translate into all areas of your life. Who can really be bothered to chuck out old receipts? Not me.

Your bookshelf is overflowing

You know you’ll never read the Narnia series again but having them there just gives you the warm and fuzzies.

Your shower is full of tripping hazards

You always believe you can get a wincy bit more out of any shower product, but can’t resist buying a backup in case. This completely illogical way of thinking has led to some close calls when it comes to avoiding slippery shampoo bottles in the shower.

You love to upcycle

In your mind, there’s no cardboard box, item of clothing or pair of old shoes that can’t be crafted into something useful. Shame you never quite get around to completing the project, or starting it for that matter.

You’re obsessed with saving food

No matter how small the leftover portion is, you simply can’t let it go to waste. Your fridge is stocked with hundreds of Tupperware containers that hold a meal that wouldn’t satisfy a mouse.

You’ve got more reusable bags than you’d care to admit

You take the phrase ‘bags for life’ pretty literally. Any plastic bag gets stowed away safely, ready for you to accidentally forget it the next time you go to the shops.

You’re full of empty promises

You swear you’re going to sell that top on eBay or drop something in to the charity shop soon. But in reality, these are all empty promises. A true hoarder doesn’t want to let go.

Your hoarding does come in handy

If any of your friends need something, there’s a fair chance you’ve already got it (somewhere under the rubble…)

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