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Things you only know if you’re the youngest child

Being the youngest child in your family isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be… it’s so much more. Yes, there’s plenty of jealousy and incessant teasing to deal with, but once you get past that it can be pretty glorious.

With that in mind, here are all the things you only know if you’re the youngest child – sorry, eldest and middle sibs, but we definitely got the sweet end of the deal.

Your birth was met with a mixture of jealousy and relief from your siblings

Another kid to share toys and hugs with, but thankfully you were the last new addition to the fam.

For the first five years of your life, you were probably meaner to them than they ever were to you.

Because when else can you get away with biting, scratching and nipping without landing yourself in serious trouble with your parents?

But then the tables turned

You quickly became the butt of all their jokes and they would never let you hang out with them and their friends during school lunchtime.

God forbid anyone join in with their teasing, though

They were allowed to call you any names they wanted, but if their friends joined in there would be hell to pay, because “THAT’S MY LITTLE SISTER!”

Somehow you still desperately wanted to hang out with them

If everyone at school saw you hanging out with an older crowd they’d think you were so cool.

And occasionally they’d let you

If only to get your mum off their case and make a little extra pocket money in the process.

You resented them for their hand-me-downs

Prints that went out of fashion four years ago and busted elastic waistbands were par for the course.

But you were (and still are) definitely a little spoiled

Even if not materialistically, your parents let you get away with so much more than your elder sibs, and because of that you were never grounded nearly as much as them.

Sometimes ‘spoiled’ stretches into ‘overprotected’ territory

Cue your fam vetting all potential suitors who dare to even look in your direction. You probably won’t date until you’re 30, but you’ve learned to accept that fact.

Yet you love your big sibs and all their weird ways regardless

They just ‘get’ you like nobody else.

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Image: Amber Griffin

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