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Things you only know if you’re a gloss girl

If the ‘dip and slick’ is your signature beauty move, we’re betting you’re in love with lip gloss. We don’t blame you. In fact, we’re your spirit sisters because nothing makes us feel more complete than a shiny sweep of lip gloss before we leave the house. And on the bus on the way to town. And after we’ve eaten avo on toast with the girls. And then again before and after the cinema. Basically, lip gloss is life. Here are all the things you only know if you’re as addicted as we are…

You’re famous for air-kissing

Woah, woah, WOAH! There’s no way you’d even think about smudging your latest high-shine application by kissing someone else’s lips or cheeks. Yep, even if you seriously fancy them. Air kisses are your lip gloss saviour, plus they make you look nonchalant and like you work for some fancy fashion magazine, which SO works with your look.

You think matte lipstick is a crime

You’d never say it out loud, and TBH it’s not like you hate matte lipstick – it’s just not for you. Like olives. And leg waxing. It’s fine that your bestie is obsessing over which new lip kit has the least possible sheen, because you’re catching sunbeams on your glossy pout and couldn’t be happier that you don’t have to share your precious collection.

You have a separate beauty bag *just* for gloss

One make-up bag isn’t enough. After all, you’ve got that chic nude collection, your red range, a stash of pinks, not to mention your L.A. Girl GLAZED Super Intense Color Extra Glossy Finish Lip Paint in this month’s bettybox. Enriched with Vitamin E and ultra-cooling peppermint oil, this cruelty-free lip lacquer nourishes your pout, lasts all day long and can even be worn at night for an added boost of hydration while you sleep. SO EXTRA. So whether you’ve bagged BabyDoll, Blushing, Elude, Whimsical, Peony or Feisty, we’re sure you’ll go ahead and buy the full set. This brand is super-addictive!

Your selfies are super-glossy

Sure, you love a filter but there’s no soft, dreamy edit here. You’re all about the edgy glow and know exactly how to catch the light on your face for real. Glittering eyes, mega-watt highlighter, glass-like lips – check, check, check.

Wind is SO much worse than rain

How many times have you blow-dried your hair and slicked on your lip gloss for a Saturday shopping trip, only for a huge gust of wind to come and sweep your cute lob onto your lips? Not only does this situation result in sticky hair that can’t be tamed, but it ruins your pretty swish of lip gloss, too. At least with rain you can get an awesome brolly and keep your hair and face safe!

Shop the full range of L.A. Girl GLAZED Super Intense Color Extra Glossy Finish Lip Paint right here.

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