If I could tell my 14-year-old self one thing… by Amber Atherton

This week we caught up with entrepreneur, My Flash Trash founder and digital guru Amber Atherton to ask her what advice she’d give her 14-year-old self. Here’s what she said…

“My advice would be: stop hanging out with people that you don’t really like. And this is something I still say to people now.

“Don’t follow people on Instagram or spend time with people that don’t make you the best version of yourself. Life’s too short, you do grow out of people and I think people are holding onto something when really you’ll just feel so much better if you just cut it off.

“So, I think I would say to myself don’t waste time on people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. Do that Facebook cull, unfollow people on Instagram – it’s so simple but so effective.

“You know you have that thing where you go on social media and you’re like, ‘God, my life is really not that great!’ – everyone has that. Major celebrities have that as well, it’s the FOMO thing… and as soon as you take that out of your life you just feel so much better because you’re more focused on you, and what you’re doing, and your own path. That should always be your focus.”

Brb, just going to go and do a Facebook cull. Cheers Amber.

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