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Illustrator Jessie Cave gets real about social media #UnpickingPerfection

Most people’s relationship with social media is a love-hate thing. All that glossy, flawless perfection can be annoying… but also totally addictive. Like Maltesers. And Blake Lively’s hair.

This is the genius of our latest illustrator crush, Jessie Cave. You might recognise her as Lavender Brown in Harry Potter – but since she stopped chasing Ron round Hogwarts, actor/comedian/artist Cave has been winning our hearts with her all-too-real cartoons, which focus on social media and the little details of friendships and relationships in the modern world.

Jessie gets that it’s completely fine to massively contradict ourselves and that it’s ok to question yourself. She knows life isn’t perfect, and neither are we.

That there are highs…


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And lows…


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That we can make our lives look amazing…

Please come to my show next week. Jesus Christ – it's NEXT WEEK. #ilovedher 💋 #linkinprofile

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Without actually feeling like our lives actually are amazing.


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She gets that you can have a fear of missing out…


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While still being pleased you didn’t go…


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She understands that life can be hard…

📺 #lovesick

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And while finding love can be tricky…


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Break ups can be crappy…


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Jessie gets that social media can all be bad for you…


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And sometimes, the best thing to do is to treat yo’self. 


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After all, no one is actually as perfect as they look on that little screen. Sometimes all you need to achieve in a day is eating a really good burrito.

You can see more of her beautiful illustrations on Instagram @jessiecave or you can grab a copy of her book, ‘Love Sick’ here

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