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Taylor Swift’s old MySpace profile pic is basically all of us

At one point or another, everyone has flipped through their own Instagram or Facebook profile and cringed at their former selves. The Justin Bieber fringe. The super-tight jeggings. The oversized hoodies. You’ve peered at the you of a few years ago and thought “girl… what were you thinking?!”  But, hey, at least we’re not alone in this one – celebs have a digital past too guys, and it’s wonderful.

On Twitter last week, Shy Charles went on a magnificent rant about this old MySpace profile pic of Taylor Swift, and it totally resonated with people – including us. You can practically feel the adolescent angst in this photo. Seriously, look at the clothes rail behind her, there isn’t a single colourful piece of clothing to be seen. This wasn’t just an experimental selfie – Swifty was committed to this look.


After a little bit of digging, we found some of Tay’s other profile pics from her MySpace days – and we love them all.

Have you ever wondered what people did before Instagram? This. This is what people did before Instagram. Somewhere around 2007, Apple released computers that had built in cameras that you could take photos on and then apply totally *ahem* awesome filters to. Like this one, that makes it look like you’re on the front cover of a bad horror film.


Or this one, which was super artsy because it made you look like you were in an Andy Warhol painting. Sahh artsy.


Also, for some unknown reason, people used to take photos of themselves in mirrors with digital cameras, which, sure, makes sense. But then they’d leave the flash on. In hindsight, the early noughties were a bad time for photography, but at the time it was ‘kewl’, ok?


It wasn’t just T. Swift who got on board with this trend. Harry Styles was into it too – but he stepped it up a notch so the photo is completely useless and you can’t see his face at all. That’s right, Harry Styles had MySpace. Sometimes the internet really is a glorious place.


And look how cute he was! Look! With the beaded necklace and the half-Biebs fringe. Plus the trademark red eyes that went along with almost every photo taken on digital cameras between 2003 and 2010 which used to make people look like they were possessed or extras in Twilight.


But the best bit about Hazza’s (is that a thing? We’re making that a thing) profile is the blurb. He wants to meet Superman. Isn’t that the cutest damn thing you’ve ever heard?

Unsurprisingly, it turns out the Jenners have been around since the dawn of social media. Yep, Kylie and Kendall both has MySpace profiles too.

Kylie went with the weird glowy filter that made everyone look like ghosts and paired it with the tried and tested “Kylie Rocks” for her blurb. Classic.


Whereas Kendall went for the thermal filter (why, just why) and the casually humble “It’s All About Me” for her blurb. Plus, her URL was horsegirlkl, possibly the most 00s URL ever.


So next time you’re scrolling through your Insta profile and see some of your old photos that make you cringe now, remember that even the most famous faces in the world went through a stage of, fist-gnawingly awkward teenage photos. And who knows, if you’re famous one day, those pics might even help cheer up some teenagers on a grey Monday morning.

Plus, next time your nan tells you that your generation is too obsessed with selfies, you can show her this article and say with total confidence: “Actually the MySpace generation were a million times worse. Plus, their filters sucked.”

You’re welcome.

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