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Why we’re loving Ellie Bamber this week

Actress and model Ellie Bamber is always jetting off on cool projects. From films to fashion, this 20 year old is non-stop. But somehow, despite her high-flying lifestyle, this ‘it girl’ remains totally grounded.

Not only is Ellie starring in the latest live action Disney movie (which will be gracing our screens next year fyi) but she also spends her weekends hanging out with some pretty cool A-Listers. Have we ever wanted to be anybody more? Probably not.

Here’s why she’s our girl of the moment…

She’s part of some really cool projects

Ellie recently appeared on the silver screen as part of Tom Ford’s film, Nocturnal Animals, where she plays the daughter of Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. You’ve gotta admit that’s a pretty strong parent game. Her role in this psychological thriller is super intense, and despite it being tough at times it deffo made her stronger. “You have to be very conscious of it. You’re crying and experiencing these emotions and you have to control them and bring yourself back down,” she told I.D magazine.

IN CINEMAS TODAY!! ✌?️? @nocturnalanimals @tomford

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As if acting alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood wasn’t cool enough, fashion giant Chanel is also a massive fan of Miss Bamber. Karl Lagerfeld (creative director at Chanel) aka the King of Fashion himself invites Ellie all around the world to represent the brand as an ambassador. “There were two weeks when I think I had been in eight different countries.” she told Evening Standard. While many people her age would shy away from this fast-paced life, Ellie takes it all in her stride and is eternally grateful for the opportunities she’s had. What a cutie.

She’s made her music video debut

If you’re not already sold on the fact that this girl is totally cool, she also featured in the video for Shawn Mendes’ ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’. The vid shows her pretending to be Shawn’s girlfriend as the pair run through the countryside. Umm jel. There is some speculation about whether these two are actually an item, but neither have confirmed. Watch this space ‘cos we totally dig them together.

A post shared by Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) on

She’s got some awesome celeb mates

Oh, and like the potential romance above wasn’t enough to swoon over, she just happens to be mates with Stormzy and Pharrell. Now that’s a squad.

Also it was so nice to meet you @stormzyofficial make sure your doorbell is working next time ??

A post shared by Ellie Bamber (@elliebamber_) on

Cuzzzz I'm happy….? @pharrell @chanelofficial

A post shared by Ellie Bamber (@elliebamber_) on

She puts family first

When she’s not making films or going to celeb galas, she’s chilling at home with her bro/best mate Lucas.

Good luck in your exams bro ❤️???@lucasbamber

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Family is super important to this babe, who still gets her very own granny to dye her roots for her rather than paying for a pricey salon. She’s always enlisted the former hairdresser to style her lush locks and Ellie is hesitant to give up this super cute tradition.

So what’s next?

Ellie keeps adding to her star-studded showreel and has just finished filming for Disney’s live-action version of The Nutcracker alongside Dame Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley which will premiere in 2018. Anything featuring that #girlboss gang is set to be amazing. Am I right?

A post shared by Ellie Bamber (@elliebamber_) on

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