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Moon vibes: can the moon’s cycle affect your own?

Does the moon have an *actual* impact on your period? Well, women’s cycles and the lunar cycle are both around the same length, so you could find that your period starts at the same point of the moon’s journey every month – spooky! There are loads of theories about how this can make you feel, and things you can do to get the most out of the moon’s energy but disclaimer, guys: while loads of studies have been done, and lots of women swear that the moon really does impact their periods, there is no conclusive evidence to show that it’s definitely true, so you’ll have to make up your own mind…

Nature’s calendars

Our calendar months are between 27 and 31 days long, which happens to closely match up with the length of a lunar month (the time between one full moon and the next) which is 29.5 days – the average woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days. Coincidence? Maybe not. The ancient calendar was based on the solar and lunar calendars, and, while it no longer matches up with the moon, it hasn’t changed a great deal today.

So what?

Some people think that the moon can have an impact on their bodies. When the moon is full, apparently it can make us feel emotions more strongly (so you might feel ecstatically happy, or you may lose your temper more easily) and when it’s new (a small crescent), it’s claimed to be a good time to start new projects. If you can link this up with when you get your period, it might help to explain mental and physical states at various times of the month.

Use the moon as your own calendar

If some of this sounds a bit, erm, hippy-dippy for your liking, that’s cool, you don’t have to buy into it. After all, your science teacher would probably have a good LOL at it all. But keeping a note of how your cycle ties in with the moon can still be interesting if you fancy a kooky new hobby.

If you keep a moon diary for a month or two, soon you will notice that when the moon is full, it means your period is on its way (or about to finish, depending on your own pattern). Seeing a half-moon might make you realise why you’re feeling a bit emo (or full of energy, again, depending on your cycle). Or it might just make you realise that your periods haven’t settled into a pattern at all yet – they will, eventually!

Discover your moon cycle

If you DO want to investigate all this a bit more, how can you work out how your period fits in with the moon’s cycle? First, you’ll need to keep track of things for a couple of months using one of these methods:

An app

My Moontime is specifically about periods and the lunar cycle. If you already use another period app you can look back over your last few periods and match up the dates with recent full moons yourself (you can find a full list here).

A diary

Helpfully, the full moon (and sometimes other stages, too) are usually printed in diaries – helpful or what? Just make a note of when your period starts and ends and you may notice that it happens at the same point of the lunar calendar each month.

But what does it mean?

Let’s remember that none of this is cold, hard science, but here are some theories about what menstruating at different points of the moon’s cycle could make you feel. Does any of this ring true for you?

Does your period arrive during the new moon (a small crescent moon)? This is called the White Moon cycle and is said to be the most common, as it means your body is releasing an egg when the moon is full, which is traditionally associated with new energy and life.

You feel: In touch with your sense of intuition, and like you want to retreat and rest during your period.

Ultimate period activity: Hanging out in your room with a box set, which will help to restore your body to its full energy levels.

Or does your period arrive during the full moon? This is called a Red Moon cycle. In past times, women who bled during a full moon were seen as mystical. Ooooh.

You feel: Creative, inspired and ready to chat.

Ultimate period activity: Spending time with mates who are on your wavelength and ready with loads of hugs.

Get in sync

Some people reckon that you can actually shift your cycle in order to fit in with the moon! (Obviously there’s nothing wrong with having your period at any time of the month, btw). But even if you’re done with moon talk at this point, why not get in touch with nature anyways?

Spend more time in natural light

Modern life means that we are subject to electric light at all times of day and night. Mimicking nature’s patterns by being in light, bright places during the day and keeping lights dim after the sun has gone down (this means limiting night time screen time, too) will help your body to find a natural rhythm.

So fresh

There’s no arguing what your mum says: the more fresh air you get, the better. Going for lots of walks helps your body to reconnect with its natural cycle. Filling your room with houseplants is also a good way to feel one step closer to the earth, too.

Mimic the moon

If you really want to put the moon theories to the test, you can try reflecting the light of the moon in your own room. When the moon is new (meaning it’s small and the sky is dark), make your bedroom really cosy and keep it as dark as you can (or sleep with an eye mask). When the moon is full and the sky is bright, keep a nightlight on in your bedroom.

So whaddya think?

Are you lunar lover or do you think it all sounds totally loony? Either way, getting in touch with the rhythms of our bodies is never a bad thing, and we’ll take any excuse to get out in the fresh air and make our bedroom as cosy as poss, whatever the time of the month!

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Image: Katie Edmunds


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