QUIZ: How much do you *really* know about tampons?

Tampons seem straightforward enough, right? They’re just little rolls of cotton wool that you put inside your lady parts to save you from ruining your nice pants. Seems simple enough. But while the idea is undeniably genius, it’s also easy to get confused about some of the facts and legends around those little white mice in the bottom of your handbag.

Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about our friend, the tampon.

Can you go swimming with a tampon in?

Is it okay to flush tampons down the loo?

If you’ve had a tampon in for eight hours and you give the string a little tug but it doesn’t budge, what should you do?

If you use tampons, are you still a virgin?

Is it normal for tampons to hurt?

What’s the maximum time you should you leave a tampon in for?

Why do some people use applicator tampons?

Can a tampon get lost inside me?

What does TSS stand for?

Can my tampon fall out when I poo?

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